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Oakland police officers disciplined for action during George Floyd protests


Oakland, Calif. (KRON) — More than a year after protesters took to the streets of Oakland following the death of George Floyd, we’re now closer to learning more about some of the mistakes Oakland officials made while interacting with protesters. It was time

The department came under fire for using tear gas and other objects on protesters and KRON4 learned that the city’s police chief is expected to address the issue on Wednesday.

Oakland Police Chief Leron Armstrong is expected to speak publicly about the discipline Oakland officers faced for their actions during protests last summer.

During last week’s Oakland Police Commission meeting, John Alden, leader of the civic-dominated Community Police Review Agency, announced that its investigation had found several continuing OPD policy violations from last summer’s protests.

During the meeting, Alden told the commissioners that it had several substantiated claims:

  • use of force
  • Supervisors did not supervise the subordinates properly
  • The authorities did not take proper care of the property of the protesters
  • Not taking enough care of those arrested
  • Not giving proper Miranda rules to arrested people
  • Various performance duty violations

Despite the findings, there were at least 15 incidents in which the officers could not be identified and 30 incidents of use of force that were not confirmed.

Some people are also raising questions about the investigation.

At least 15 complaints have been registered, in which the officials have not been identified.

Also 30 complaints of use of force were received which were not found to be credible.

The Community Police Review Agency says it still has a case related to last summer’s protests that is still pending.

The agency also expects to publicly release details of its findings from the investigation in the coming weeks.

Under the Police Bill of Rights, both the details of the officer’s actions and any form of discipline are kept secret.

KRON4 reached out to the Oakland Police Officers Association for comment, but as of yet, we have yet to receive a reply.

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