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Official: 10 Helo Trust employees killed in northern Afghanistan


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Gunmen killed 10 people and wounded 14 others in an attack on the Helo Trust de-mining organization in Afghanistan, an Afghan Interior Ministry official said on Wednesday.

Spokesman Tariq Arian blamed the Taliban for the attack on the group’s camp in the Baghlan Markazi district of northern Baghlan province on Tuesday night.

Responding to an Associated Press query, the Taliban immediately denied any connection to the attack.

The United Nations has warned that the use of improvised explosive devices is increasing in the country, as conflicts become more urbanized and armed groups grow.

Afghanistan is one of many countries where large parts of it are littered with bombs and landmines. Many were planted by rebels to target government military convoys. But civilian casualties are frequent.

The United Nations has repeatedly called on both government forces and the Taliban to take more precautions to protect civilians. In the first three months of this year, the UN mission in Afghanistan said 1,783 civilians were killed or injured in Afghanistan, a 29% increase from the same period last year.

The HALO Trust is one of several de-mining organizations in Afghanistan that clear mines without exploding.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that a Mi-17 helicopter has crashed due to a technical fault. Three crew members were killed and one was injured in the accident in the Eastern Maidan Wardak province.


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