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Ohio State will offer home care at Wexner, DispatchHealth Hospitals


Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Working with DispatchHealth, an in-home medical care provider, to offer home care to Columbus-area patients.

According to a news release, starting July 1, Ohio State Wexner patients and providers will be able to request same-day home care for viral infections, exacerbations of COPD, heart failure and other injuries and illnesses. Those home services will be coordinated with a patient care team. Some high-risk patients will also be able to request DispatchHealth’s Bridge Care, which provides at-home care 24-72 hours after acute care in the hospital.

β€œHome health remains a critical component to the overall continuum of our care. This partnership will provide our patients with high-intensity care from the comfort of their own homes, while connecting patients with a primary care physician or specialist to prevent preventable diseases. Hal Paz, executive vice president and chancellor of health affairs at Ohio State University and CEO of Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, said in a statement. “We look forward to serving our community in new and important ways while reducing care costs and improving health outcomes, exceeding the expectations of today’s consumer and care teams.”

According to the release, patients will be able to request care by phone, through DispatchHealth’s app or website, and eventually through the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center website and OSUMyChart. An emergency-trained DispatchHealth medical team, who has access to on-site diagnostics and a CLIA-certified lab, will provide care similar to a walk-in clinic or urgent care, the release said.

“The past year has shown that the care needs of patients are rapidly evolving. DispatchHealth’s proven value-based care approach empowers health systems to go beyond traditional care settings and meet patients,” said Dr. Mark Prather, CEO and co-founder of DispatchHealth, said in a statement. β€œWe are pleased to partner with Ohio State Wexner Medical Center to focus on effective, convenient and affordable care outside of the typical clinic and hospital setting. We look forward to expanding our service to Central Ohio through this pioneering partnership. Looking forward.”

Partnership with DispatchHealth announced after May 24 unveiling A home health joint venture between The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the Alternative Solutions Health Network Expected to start by August. While the DispatchHealth partnership will provide in-home high acuity care for urgent care needs, the ASHN venture will provide low acuity care for post-acute patients who require long-term care, such as elderly patients who are discharged from the hospital. and they require medical attention. services for a few weeks, an Ohio State spokesperson said.

“The difference between the two partnerships is the level of acumen,” the spokesperson said. “The two complement each other and are important services to make up our home care continuum.”

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