Olivia Thirlby Explains Why The Hero Told Roxanne THAT

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Y: The Last Man, Season 1, Episode 6, “Weird Al is Dead.”]After losing the weight of a massive mystery for about six episodes of Y: The last man, Olivia Thirlby‘s hero caves and tells someone what happened just before the event.

Back in episode 1, we learn that the hero is sleeping with her friend Mike (Daniel Di Tomasso), and that he claims to tell his wife about the affair. However, the hero discovers that this is not really the case. They quarrel, their fight becomes physical, the hero throws a fire extinguisher at Mike and the resulting wound kills him. Shortly afterwards, the event happens and almost everyone kills with a Y chromosome, so that one can assume that Mike was dead anyway, essentially allowing the hero to get away with the murder.

Olivia Thirlby am Y: The Last Man
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However, the mystery disturbs her very clearly and in episode 4, she is able to reveal Sam to the truth (Elliot Fletcher) until he says to her, “Was he your boss? Yes. Are you a housebreaker? Yes. But, did that ass die happily? In fact, he did.” Sam makes the assumption that the hero was not the guilty party somehow. immediately stops their dead in their tracks; she will not admit to her best friend. However, in episode 6, she will admit to the stranger. Shortly after arriving at PriceMax and meeting local leader Roxanne (Mrs. Pyle), Hero finally comes clean and tells Roxanne what she did.

So, after all, why tell someone you barely know and not your closest friend? Thirlby addresses just that during an episode of Collider Ladies Night. She started:

“What just happened is that the hero just saw how this is a place where people are free to become something else, to forget their skin like a snake and to lock in the past and let go. Even if she’s a little is conflicting and I think doubtful about everything that is going on at PriceMax, there is something so enticing about them just that this thing is gone forever, this thing from which she feels as if she could probably never get away.

Olivia Thirlby and Elliot Fletcher from Y: The Last Man
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But what about Sam? Did that mistake mean she could never tell him? Thirlby continued:

“Telling Sam is not possible for her. She has already tried. I think, in depth, she’s just afraid he’s not liking her anymore once he knows the truth about who she is, and her opinion about it. itself is so low.

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Olivia Thirlby am Y: The Last Man
Image via FX

That does not matter to Roxanne, however.

“It does not matter to them what Roxanne thinks about her. But she knows that Roxanne has the power to pronounce a transformed one, so it’s the perfect storm of tracks that are really low and also the price in sight. And I do not think so. that sharing the mystery is premeditated at all.I think it’s weird to make the hero feel like it.At this moment in her life it feels really good that she’s in this group of people who seem to love her and to be interested in her and want her in a way. She somehow sees the apple and she picks it up. ”

Missi Pyle and Marin Irland am Y: The Last Man
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Eggs to hear more from Thirlby about her experience at work Y: The last man? Stay tuned as we have their full episode of Collider Ladies Night coming soon for you!

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