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Omu Resort Lagos – Everything you need to know about the amusement park


Omu Resort is one of the many beautiful entertainment centers in Lagos. It is a feature-rich resort with a zoo, an amusement park and a water park. One of the best places to take your kids on a vacation or picnic, Omu Resort is one such place. However, it is not only made for kids, it is a great hangout place for adults as well. Probably, if you want to do some adventure in Lagos.

Omu Resort

Omu Resort is one of the places you can visit. Apart from the well-equipped amusement and water park, adventures like safaris at the zoo. Omu Resort also has a wax museum, SeaWorld, Archery etc.
The facility sits on a lush rainforest with a beautiful landscape overlooking the Lagos Lagoon.
Over the years, Omu Resort has become the number one destination for tourists and adventure lovers. It has become one of the favorite destinations for family hangouts, corporate retreats, team bonding, school excursions and reunions. It has a huge car parking facility that can accommodate hundreds of cars.
In addition, the resort has a multi-purpose hall. The hall has become a popular venue for events like weddings, product launches, conferences, etc.

About Omu Resort

Omu Resort

Omu Resort sits on twenty two hectares of rainforest land. The land oversees the lagoon. The recreation center is located off the Lekki Epe Expressway in the Ibeju Lekki area. Omu Resort is a few minutes’ drive from Lakeway Golf Course. Oumu Resort is owned and managed by Woodfields Farm and Theme Park.
The company specializes in wildlife conservation, agricultural practices and park development. As Oumu Resort is an outdoor recreation facility, which has a zoo, amusement park, waterpark, seaworld etc.

Welcome to Omu Resort

opening time

It opens daily from 9 am to 6 pm and daily from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Things to do at Omu Resort.

Go-kart: It has a dedicated go-kart race court where you can compete with your friends. The left pedal is for brakes while the right pedal is for acceleration. This is one of the adventurous things to do in Omu Resort. You can compete with your friends. If this is your first time, instructors will guide you through how to use the cart.

go kart at omu resort

Quad Bike: Get on one of the quad bikes and take a long ride. Like go-karts, quad bikes also have four tires, making it easy for anyone to drive. Omu Resort also offers quad biking experience for the fun lovers. You can get the ticket which has quad bike option. Another option is to pay for it in person.

Visit the Zoo: The zoo lets you learn more about different animals. You get a chance to see some wild animals and learn more about them.

Omu Resort Zoo

Horseback Riding: No matter what ticket you subscribe for, you can always access horseback riding.

Horse at Omu Resort

Kayaking: Omu Resort offers water sparring activities like kayaking. Kayaks allow you to climb onto a boat-like structure where you can paddle.

Omu. List of all facilities in

sea ​​World
wax Museum
mini golf
mechanical bull riding
Horse riding
water park
swimming pool
quad bike
roller skating
go Karts.
kiddies play area
Paintball Arena
wave pool
water sports
Boat ride
Slam dunk
Pirate ship
Impossible Goal
in full swing


If you are a lover of nature and safaris then this zoo will blow your mind. It is a zoo full of wildlife with more than 40 species of animals. Some of the animals in the zoo include:

Lions in a Zoo at Omu Resort

monitor lizard
red caped mangabe
marabou stork
black crowned crane

amusement park

Omu resort also has a well-equipped entertainment. The amusement park has become one of its biggest selling points. The park comes with meniscus coaster, roller coaster, pirate ship, space ship, bouncing castle, merry ride, volleyball court, slam dunk, mission impossible, paintballing. Over the years, the amusement park has become one of the highlights of Omu Resort. The amusement park is available to everyone, regardless of which ticket you purchased.

amusement parks in lagos

mini golf course

The resort has a mini-golf course where you can compete with your friends. With the mini-golf course, you can activate your Tiger Woods skills.

sea ​​World

SeaWorld is an indoor aquarium with a display of different types of fish. The seaworld is classified into different sections which display many species of fish. Seaworld has various exotic fish like Delhazi, Moonfish, Palma, Grasscatter, Aluminum Fish, Water Turtle, Lusso. Other fish include mudfish, spot bearer, crab, polyterus, long-nosed elephant fish, electric fish, African catfish, African longfish, bush fish, trunkfish or aba, snakehead fish, reed fish, costume, etc.
SeaWorld has different species of fish enclosed in a room that simulates their natural habitat.

water park

Apart from the amusement park, it also has a waterpark. The waterpark has become one of the favorite sections of the kids. The waterpark is kid-friendly and has a pool for both kids and adults.


If you love action movies and want to test your shooting skills. Paintballing is definitely for you. With paintballing, you can choose your team and fight against the enemy team.

Children’s playground

It also has a huge children’s playground where you can have fun with your kids. The playground has plenty of facilities to make your stay a memorable one.

Waterpark at Omu Resort

Oumu Resort Gate Fee/Package

You can subscribe to various packages when you visit Oumu Resort. Tickets give you access to certain facilities at the resort.

gold stamps

Cost: 4,500
Gold is the cheapest of the ticket packages. This ticket gives you access to the zoo, wax museum, mini golf, horse riding, water park, kiddies play area, seaworld, archery, amusement park, swimming pool, out door fun, make. Bull riding

Platinum Ticket

Cost: 7,500
The Platinum Ticket gives you access to the Zoo, Wax Museum, Mini Golf, Horse Riding, Water Park, Kiddies Play Area, SeaWorld, Archery, Amusement Park, Swimming Pool, Out Door Fun, Make. Bull Riding, Quad Bike, Kayaking, Roller Skating

prime ticket

Cost: 9,500
Prime Ticket Gives You Access
Zoo, wax museum, mini golf, horse riding, water park, kiddies play area, seaworld, archery, amusement park, swimming pool, out door fun, make. Bull Riding, Quad Bike, Kayaking, Roller Skating, Go Carto

super prime ticket

Cost: 17,000
Super-Prime Tickets give you access to almost everything in the facility. You have access to:
Zoo, wax museum, mini golf, horse riding, water park, kiddies play area, seaworld, archery, amusement park, swimming pool, out door fun, make. Bull Riding, Quad Bike, Kayaking, Roller Skating, Go Kart, Paintballing, Waterfront Sitting, Roller Skating | Finger Foods, Boat Cruises, Branded Gifts, Welcome Fruits/Beverages

Location of Omu Resort

Omu Resort is located at 1 Asivaju Bola Tinbu Way, Bogije, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

Photos from Omu Resort

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