May 9, 2021


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One cafe owner produces 5 million infected pigs

Jeff Hansen’s pig farm is a thing of the past. Accumulated animal feed (CAFO) has produced more than 5 million pigs to the market by 2020 in the last 30 years.1 But, this is not a seed-for-wealth story that people in Iowa are arguing about – unless, of course, you are paid.

Since the advent of the human race and the development of the financial system, there have been a number of people who have a desire to be wealthy rather than to protect society. Today, this short-sighted and resource-based vision is often covered by a strong public relations campaign and backed by political contributions.

This describes the results of many individuals who have made money on the backs of low-wage workers and disadvantaged communities. It seems that the growing wealth of the siren is responsible for the human and environmental waste left behind. The history of Iowa farms is like this.

Hansen was arrested in Iowa

Vox2018-01-02 Like many other entrepreneurs, Hansen’s story begins. Faced with difficult and physical taxes, he developed labor-saving options to ease the burden and manage the small herd of pigs he and his wife kept.

Then, in the early 1990s, he got a loan to build a business by providing farmers with an automated system. He spent less than $ 90 million a year on less worries Arrested houses Where fish are grown, raised and maintained before they are raised.

To keep many animals indoors, the buildings must be built in areas where manure and urine go down to the deep pools below the animals. The buildings also need strong exhaust fans to expel ammonia-rich air. Without them, the animals would die within hours.

The growth of pork in Iowa is partly due to trade agreements and the fact that economists have informed Iowa lawmakers that the country has the potential for financial growth if it is suitable for agricultural products that want to grow pork. For the kingdom may be great.

Another reason for the growth of the industry is that large-scale meat-eating pigs are more profitable than buying from a variety of independent farmers. To attract coffee producers, they offered undisclosed locks on the market.

Linn In 1992, Hansen began raising his own pigs and including Iowa farmland. In four years the herd has grown from 10,000 seeds to 62,000. In 1999, its 96,000 breeds produced 1.7 million pigs. Iowa’s choice of farms is not a success, but rather a devastating impact on human health and environmental impact across the state.

However, despite consistent pressure from communities across Iowa, state legislators refused to take long-term results into account, rather than focusing on short-term financial gains. For example, the election of Governor Kim Reynolds was backed by Hansen by six figures.

Reynolds In the run-up to the 2022 election, she has spent a lot of time in her office supporting the expansion of the county, which has contributed to another campaign to support your election efforts.

Why are pigs bad neighbors?

The manure and urine collection must go somewhere. One of the cafes’ environmental disasters Water pollution It causes excess nutrients in the garbage.3 This increases the algae in the waterways, eventually depleting the oxygen in the water, killing fish and other marine life, making it unusable.

The industry says that this fertilizer can be used as fertilizer for local farms.4 Growing grain to feed pigs. However, it continuously sends nitrogen and phosphorus to the surface and groundwater. This often spreads pathogens from animal feces Eating antibiotics To keep in protected areas.

It also provides an indefinite amount Useful nutrients into water pipes. For example, the Gulf of Mexico5 It is the largest of its kind Dead Zone In this world. The Mississippi River begins in the Delta and extends over 8,700 square miles. It is the result of “nitrogen and phosphorus being used as fertilizer for agricultural purposes and into the Mississippi River Basin.”6

Although chickens are treated with antibiotics, they can spread the disease to humans. For example, Parsin deltacoronavirus was first identified in China in 2012.7 He recently showed the ability to jump.8 This deadly virus sometimes causes diarrhea and vomiting in pigs.

Antibiotic-resistant diseases They are also distributed through CAFOs.9 A study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases In 201510 It has been shown that workers in pig farms are six times more likely to carry MRSA, which is resistant to many drugs Rather than being exposed to CAFO pigs.

Studies show that MRSA is hot outside of the CAFO and at the bottom of the airline.11 It poses a danger to those living near fields where the waste is sprayed as compost.

As reported by Vox12 Iowa residents also have to deal with a pile of pork that throws down the streets, attracts flies, rats, and vultures. The number of pigs in the area now ranges from 7 to 1, as local pig farming has changed the population.

These measures are destroying more than Iowa

Make no mistake, the Iowa Legislature’s decisions to reverse the decision and allow more prisons, pigs to live in misery, are also hurting surrounding states. Despite legislative measures in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri, the pollution remained unresolved.

Reported by Vox.13 Hansen’s work manages more than 7,400 people and has built hundreds of prisons. The Hansen-led pig industry has developed relationships with both Republicans and Democrats to ensure protection for the legislature and its growth.

According to the Gulf of Mexico disaster, agricultural pollution travels along waterways to extremes. So Iowa lawmakers are being sought after by the pig industry and as they rotate regulations to allow further growth, their decisions are having a greater impact on people in their state.

If you do not live near Iowa or CAFO, this type of pollution can easily neglect human health and the environment. However, people living nearby are aware of many health outcomes recorded in one study14 North Carolina communities near CAFOs.

The researchers compared health conditions in pig farms (CAFO) and in remote communities and found near-term causes and infant mortality, high hospital admissions, high number of low-weight infants and large numbers. People dying of kidney disease, septicemia, tuberculosis and anemia.

Kafo fans can cite the 2017 survey15 To reinforce the argument that farms contribute to the economic development of rural communities. However, Vox reports that Dave Svenson, from Iowa State University, told The Reporter that despite the job opportunities, “the economy continues to deteriorate.”16

“There is no evidence [confinements] In my opinion, they have slowed the flow of people. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually the key to evicting people from the countryside.

When a former driver spoke to The Guardian in 2019 from an Iowa farm, the reason became even clearer, telling him that he would earn $ 23,000 a year for overtime. He said, “These companies say they are creating all these jobs, but who will come? It is not people who have families that create communities. ”17

Hansen took a page from Bill Gates playbook

In Bill Gates, after the Federal Trade Commission and negotiations, the power of charities prevailed. Accusations of distrust. So, it seems that the Hansen Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation organized a page from Gates’ playbook.18

It was founded in 2006 just 10 years after the Iowa farm boom. It prides itself on 800 pig farms across the country and says it will partner with more than 650 farmers.19 In addition to the impressive public relations team, the foundation will host a spring gala to raise funds for the foundation.

Linn In 2016, Hansen Home announced that it had raised more than $ 1.1 million to support the Power Snack Program, the Pig Care Package Program, and Child Cancer Communications.20 With the exception of charitable donations and the power behind his work in society, he hides his political power.

For example, “Intervention” in Expresses published in early 202121 He lists the former truck driver who tried to blow the corporation’s whistle for violating Iowa Farm, Lucas Walker, and many state laws limiting the size and number of animals.

Unable to get dragged along with the authorities, direct action was taken by a worldwide network of animal rights activists.22 This seems to be the only organization that is willing to listen to his concerns. Soon after. The global epidemic is closed And Iowa has chosen to kill thousands of their animals, especially in a cruel way.23

The process is called the closure of the ventilation ducts where large fans enter the barns. Walker decided to expose the farm, which led to an interrogation and the publication of a video showing “young pigs slowly screaming to death.”24

The controversy has drawn international attention to Iowa’s election and, as a result, to Walker as he confirms that the company is connected to Direct Action everywhere. The force behind the Iowa election was seen when they brought the FBI to inform Walker as an informant for the movement. From Live Action Everywhere, a Spokesman Speaks to an Entrepreneur Reporter25

“The federal government knows that criminalizing peaceful speech is a sham and the general public is on our side. But companies such as Iowa are under increasing pressure. It’s about seeing the length of the vortex that they are going through when they try to disrupt our work – and keep people from knowing the truth. ”

Your wallet can protect your health and your environment

People living in cafes often feel powerless by the huge multidisciplinary corporations. It is a good sign that some residents have won a lawsuit and been compensated for their problems.26 But the scale is likely to catch up quickly in the industry.

Instead, the solution is shifting agricultural practices from non-industrial Renewal. You can opt for pork, which is grazing, and remove cauliflower from your pocket. Every time you buy any coffee product, you support an industry that produces quality food, harms communities, and acts above the law.

I encourage you to do so Avoid CAFO meat And buy or look for your meat from a farmer who feeds directly from trusted grass American Grass Association (AGA) Logo This is the most sought after herb of choice and is a certified herb for meat and dairy products grown in the United States.

AGG is designed to ensure the human well-being of small animals and meet the needs of consumers of grass-fed meat and dairy products when possible.

Whether you are considering buying small family farms for environmental, moral or housing reasons – or doing all of the above will protect your health and your environment. They are also taking a stand for those who are unfortunate because they have little chance of living and fighting near any CAFO.