May 9, 2021


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One Thais accuses the agricultural sector of “defects” in carbon emissions

The argument Ireland It does not produce livestock and dairy products, while other countries can easily fill the gap on low-yield products, leading to “carbon flux”, which is defective, An Anne said.

In the agricultural sector, the argument that “if we don’t produce, others will bring in” is false and unethical. Ian Lomley B Orechatas Agriculture Committee Tuesday.

At a hearing to announce that the committee will hold a public consultation in 2021 Climate Action Plan, Was criticized by committee members for the environmental organization’s attitude toward the rural economy.

“The current direction of Irish agriculture is not very sustainable,” he said. Strategic Committee Growth “There are losses in the environment, water quality, erosion and biodiversity trends are all going in the wrong direction.”


Mr Lumle said the current state of Irish dairy production and consolidation was putting investment in the family farm and food processing sector from a waste to a serious financial crisis.

The two are now a 15-year-old rusty EBS Owners of Bor and Mona, the Pea Power Plant in the County Offices and Longford, have warned the Irish agricultural sector of the consequences of mismanagement and misuse of subsidies.

He noted that the European Union (EU), border and national governments have been cracking down on climate change, including the effects of air pollution on agriculture, ammonia, nitrates and water quality, as well as measures to curb the effects of climate change. To the peatlands. This was leading to the “extinction of nature and the diversity of species on which all life depends.”

Ireland’s agricultural strategies, FoodWise 2025 and the current Adigreefud 2030 strategy have led to a number of violations of non-compliance with the EU. Systematic Environmental Assessment Mr. Lomley said the SEA is committed to guiding and mitigating the negative effects.


The implications of the Dutch ban on summer farming should be addressed, taking into account further Irish agricultural investment, said Ann Tayys. as if. What happened in Netherlands It should be a warning to Ireland when deforestation is necessary due to the high nitrates. ”

There are currently unrealistic assumptions that Ireland’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions “can be offset by carbon offshore management, additional forest or hedgehog planting and life support.”

Mr Lomle added that the agricultural sector is promoting carbon offsets to reduce emissions of mines and nitrous oxides. At the same time, it is remarkable that carbon dioxide emissions, land burns, and bugs have not been resolved in the sector.

Effective measures to improve food production in Ireland are also based on “up-to-date information on animal husbandry, which does not affect the entire cycle of life and often does not violate the ethics of reduction. One country may seem “effective” compared to another, but it is completely free from food production.

Deputy Michael Collins Inis said he was “deeply concerned” about the 140 140 million ገን። ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ በአየር ስ በአየር ስ ስ ስ ስ ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ኢን ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ ፋብሪካ Glandia In Belview, Co Kilkini – Especially when receiving large sums of taxpayers’ money.

Deputy Paul Keho The FG alleges that the organization is constantly opposed to development. If you had your way, you would have closed rural Ireland. Putting it on people’s necks doesn’t get yours [environmental] Message Beyond. ”


Mr Lomley said the tea was part of a package of laws to protect water, air quality and public health – a commitment to Ireland’s sustainable development goals. Paris Climate Agreement and EU Guidelines. In agriculture, it has raised “legal concerns” about the impact of carbon and ammonia emissions, both unrelated and linked to agricultural consolidation.

In a positive presentation on the documents presented to the committee, he developed a list of sustainable rural Ireland.

He has previously welcomed opportunities to engage with farms, but that has not been possible, he added – and some continue to make “suspicious claims” in carbon sequestration.

The sector had to face reality instead of relying on “magical solutions.” They think methane is evaporating. ”

Green TD Brian Leddin, As well as Chairman of Orechatas Climate CommitteeThanks to Anne Thais for his extensive presentation, he is to be commended for his work, especially on the “defense side”, and for helping Ireland establish its “legal, moral and environmental obligations.”