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Opinion: Watch out for the coming Mexican dictatorship next door


Andres Manuel López Obrador with Donald Trump
Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador with Donald Trump. white house photo

The off-year Mexican election on June 6 will resemble a referendum on the country’s populist, autocratic president.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – better known as AMLO – is under attack from all sides and although he is not on the ballot – he cannot run for re-election – his private political party is Morena.

The danger for Mexico is that AMLO acts as if it wants to be a dictator.

Despite having a majority in the Mexican Congress, he has not been able to completely isolate private enterprise, despite trying. The court has stopped him.

However, AMLO calls the courts the enemy of the people as it does the country’s media. In a reference to former President Trump’s criticism of “neo-conservatives”, he calls any opponents “neo-liberals” corrupt every day in his so-called news conference.

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