May 9, 2021


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Opposition parties, like the SPP, are seeking a referendum on the Rebecca Makkulan

Oh, what a beige campaign. Choices are not the first of Netflix’s, but this one initially had some amazing prospects. At the end of the series, Nicolas faced a new challenge from her former teacher, Alex. For the first few days, we were all talking about it, like a game of thrones.

But since then? nothing. Alba didn’t go anywhere fast and the predictable blanket was back over Scotland Politics. Other party leaders stepped on karate and danced to get a few colors through the campaign, but Anas Sarwar’s impressive parking space was not enough to save the 6th St. Reds’ election in Berkeley.

It felt like another battle in a long war. The pits may move a few feet this way or that, but the overall map is not changing. For the pro-independence majority, it is all confirmed with the SNP, the largest party in the country.

You have to ask why the opposition parties have come so little. After all, SPN It is not as old as the government party. It has a mixed record – some successes but some significant setbacks – and division and conspiracy in its free movement embarrass the renaissance journey. Court.

The screenwriter is certainly afraid that the party will win a big victory after the last two months. Who would believe?

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The insurmountable accusation against the SNP is being leveled at the opposition parties, who seem to have failed to ask the Prime Minister the right questions, but is that fair? There are skills in the opposition seats and the new staff leader has style and skills. But as long as the system does not address the constitutional question, it is more likely to shoot at any major project.

It is impossible to escape the notice of the fact that the SNP is another option that has been shaped by the majority of the pro-independence voices. However, the British voice was divided into three parts, with Torris and the staff each playing a small role. With about half of the total votes contested, those parties only want to run for office.

To illustrate this point, Nikola Sturgen published a presidential-style plan for the first 100 days.

What will be the point for the others?

Other party leaders, like the former prime minister, have nothing to do with the media. People know and approve of Nicola Sturgeon. They feel she has been treated better than Boris Johnson, and they are watching her on stage every day. I think it is right that these epidemics appear, but I am not mild enough to believe that they are not politically correct.

The shortcomings of the Scottish opposition parties that explain the current situation are not so great Comment Elections, then the constitutional wrong line, the popularity of Boris Johnson and the dominance of Nicola Sturgeon’s political arena.

The Scottish Parliament was notorious for its political era of consensus between the parties, which was struggling to achieve major goals and was forced to work together within the party line. Less than expected over the past decade.

So what is the answer? That referendum. Interestingly, another divisive liberation movement could pave the way for another coalition policy by releasing people who will vote on issues that are unconstitutional in the next elections.

Let’s say yes, let’s win another independence referendum: Three things are going fast. First, the SNP had to test and do well on campaign trails in very challenging weather conditions. The economic downturn that follows independence may affect support for the party.

Second, the central pillar, which has been the SNP’s biggest tent in all these years – could have lost the Rainers – and former freedom fighters could have voted elsewhere.

And thirdly, the Achilles heel of the opposition parties – their alliance with the broader British parties – is suddenly coming to an end. Whatever Boris Johnson or his successor does at Westminster, Douglas Ross will no longer be a problem.

Freedom also puts an end to SNP’s practice of turning a blind eye to theoretical weaknesses and other shortcomings.

All of this is likely to make voting patterns more fluid.

And if SNP loses for a second referendum? Like the last 10 years, will you start a third campaign with another 10 years? I do not think so . If you ask the people of Scotland to support their independence twice, not once in 10 years and twice, then another referendum will be off the table in the future. Yes, it will be more than painful for activists. Hint SNP stepping down and reprimanding. SPP After 1997 and after 2010, Labor will face the same fate as Torpe. Like those times, Scottish Politics.

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None of this means that the performance of opposition parties is insignificant. Conservatives publicly announced their resignation in March, before being questioned by a parliamentary committee and before an independent report was published that she had violated ministerial rules. He was foolish and instead foolish. The party still expresses itself more strongly than it does.

On the other hand, the last surviving colony of Corbinism was a Scottish worker named Richard Leonard. The man himself went to take care of the tomatoes, and after a long stay, Mr. Leonard did some favors to his party.

But Scottish politics in the SNP seems to be more than a mistake by the opposition.

Stroth was on the opposition bench, but there were individuals who were sympathetic and determined, but they were stuck in Nicola Sturgeon’s ankles. It may take a referendum to change the voting practices of the Scottish Parliament for many years.

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