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OTD in 1997: Michael Jordan pulls out his final GW buzzer beater in an NBA Finals game


Michael Jordan buzzer-beater gives Chicago game 1 over Utah

Chicago and Utah were both the top seeds in their respective conferences. Both were MVP candidates along with All-Star teammates. Game 1 was the key tone-setter for the final and did not disappoint. At the end of each quarter the score remained within single digits and with ten seconds remaining, the game was tied. John Stockton Missed a three, but Karl Malone caught the rebound and was fouled. With Utah in bonus, Malone went to the free-throw line where he missed both shots. A timeout called Chicago Secured Possession gave the Bulls a chance to win the game on inbound play.

Michael Jordan was no stranger to game-winning shots on the buzzer, especially in the playoffs. At that time in his career, Jordan had hit two, both against Cleveland. inbound passed Tony Kukosi Who quickly gave the ball to Jordan. he went to the left Brian Russell Guarded him and shot a bridge jumper just inside the three-point line. It went on the buzzer, winning the game to Chicago. There hasn’t been another buzzer-beating game-winner in the Finals, nor has anyone surpassed MJ’s nine career GW buzzer-beaters. CHI would win the final in six games, and they beat Utah the following year to complete Jordan’s second three-beaten.

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