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Our survey. On the environment, Conservative members support the action, but not the hysterical ones about an “emergency”.


This government has chosen to place global warming at the top of its agenda. The Prime Minister believes that the next COP26 summit is an opportunity to showcase “global Britain”.

Where are members of the Conservative Party in the environment? According to our latest survey, somewhere in the middle.

The vast majority of respondents in our most recent survey agree that climate change is happening and most of them (and just under 50% of all respondents) agree that human activity is driving it.

Still, on the more emotional question of whether or not there is a “climate emergency,” we find them divided into more than two to one.

They are also skeptical that the Government will achieve its self-imposed Net Zero goal. Just under 47% of party members think the government is “not on track” to reach the 2050 deadline, compared to less than 24% who believe it will do so (less than just under 30% say no). he knows ”).

All of this suggests that there is a solid support base for interventions to help combat climate change, but not for the kind of radical anti-growth measures advocated by groups like Extinction Rebellion. It would be interesting to see his views on the “carbon tax” of imported meat proposed by George Eustice.


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