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Overnight health care: Biden encourages getting vaccinated | Kentucky accuses CVS Health of fueling the opioid crisis. Israel cites ‘potential link’ between Pfizer vaccine, mild heart disease in young men


Welcome to Wednesday’s Overnight Health Care. If You Want to Try Eating Cicada, the FDA They say If you are allergic to seafood it is probably best to avoid it.

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Today: The White House is pulling out all stops for a month-long push to get millions more people vaccinated. Kentucky is suing CVS over allegations of opioids, and there may be a link between heart inflammation and a COVID vaccine.

We’ll start at the White House:

Biden encourages, urges Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19

President BidenJoe BidenRNC warns it will advise presidential candidates against future debate if panel does not make changes The Washington Post Releases Tom Cotton, Correcting 2020 Report on Lab-Leak Theory Graham says Israel will request Arabs from US after Gaza war more Wednesday urged Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if they haven’t yet, to reach their goal of 70 percent of adults with at least one shot by July 4. An aggressive campaign was announced.

During a speech at the White House, Biden thoroughly highlighted the benefits of vaccination and also warned about consequences if the country’s numbers don’t improve.

“The bottom line is this: I promise you they are safe. They are safe,” Biden said. “And more importantly, they are extremely effective. If you’ve been vaccinated, you’re protected.”

Biden declared June a “National Month of Action” to help more people get vaccinated against COVID-19.

big picture: Biden last month aimed to give 70 percent of American adults at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine by Independence Day. But we are not there yet, and enthusiasm for vaccination has waned significantly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 63 percent of adults, but only 52 percent of the entire US population, have received at least one dose.

Biden said Wednesday that 12 states have already reached the 70 percentage mark, and expected to reach more there this week.

What’s happening: To accelerate this effort, the White House is offering a variety of incentives, including free child care. As of July 4, KinderCare and Learning Care Group will offer free, drop-in appointments at locations nationwide. More than 500 YMCAs in nearly every state will offer drop-in care during vaccination appointments, and Bright Horizons will also provide free care to the more than 10 million employees it partners with.

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Biden turns to black-owned barbershops for vaccine outreach

Part of a plan to reach 70 percent: President Biden plans to turn to black-owned barbershops and beauty salons as part of the administration’s vaccination outreach effort as he plans to vaccinate Americans for his Let’s try to reach the goal of Fourth of July.

The president announced a “Shots at the Shop” initiative during Wednesday’s remarks, which will recruit barbershops and salons to mobilize their communities to receive vaccinations throughout June.

Participating barbershops and salons are expected to provide and display vaccine information and educational materials, as well as host vaccination programs with the help of local partners.

A White House fact sheet said the “Shots at the Shop” initiative will invite participation from across the country, with a special focus on ancillary stores in some of the hardest-hit areas, which still face significant differences in vaccination rates are doing.”

Closer Deadline: The president set a goal that 70 percent of American adults would get at least one dose of the vaccine by Independence Day. About 18.5 million people still need to be vaccinated with their first dose to reach the target.

The Biden administration has prioritized improving access to vaccines and removing barriers in hopes of boosting vaccination numbers, especially in minority communities.

Kaiser Family Foundation said last week that black and Hispanic people have received disproportionate cases and smaller portions of vaccinations than their total population.

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One of the new vaccination incentives: free beer!

Budweiser maker Anheuser-Busch said Wednesday it will give away free beer once it reaches the United States President BidenTarget 70 percent of adults with at least one vaccine dose.

The partnership with the White House from Brewer is the latest incentive aimed at getting more people vaccinated, as states have turned to everything from L.L. Bean gift cards to lottery drawings for vaccinated people.

Once the US reaches the 70 percentage point, people can upload a picture of themselves “at their favorite place to grab a beer” at MyCooler.com/Beer and the first 200,000 people will receive a “$5.00 digital pre-paid card” will get. Can be used to purchase Anheuser-Busch products. Seltzer and other drinks will also be available.

Biden has set a target of reaching the 70 percentage mark by July 4 and is delivering a speech on the push later on Wednesday, calling for June will be “action month” on vaccination.

The brewer is calling the promotion “the biggest beer giveaway in history.”

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Opioid lawsuit: Kentucky accuses CVS Health of fueling crisis in new suit

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) is accusing CVS Health of “fueling” the opioid crisis in the state filed suit on Wednesday.

Cameron sued the health care company in Franklin Circuit Court, alleging that its “unlawful business practices” and failure to “protect against diversion of opioids” contributed to Kentucky’s epidemic.

“As both a distributor and a pharmacy, CVS was in a unique position to monitor and prevent these highly addictive drugs from their stores, yet they overlooked their security systems,” Cameron said. said.

By numbers: The lawsuit states that CVS Pharmacies in Kentucky purchased more than 151 million dosage units of oxycodone and hydrocodone from their own distribution centers and third-party distributors between 2006 and 2014. At that time the state had about 6.1 per cent of the dosage units.

Cameron specifically highlighted two CVS stores in Perry County and Crittenden County, each of which purchased enough dosage units to supply 26 pills and 34 pills, respectively, to each county resident.

CVS response: CVS Health told The Hill in a statement that it stands ready to defend the charges at trial and has invested in fighting opioid abuse and abuse.

“Opioids are made and sold by drug manufacturers, not pharmacies,” the statement said. “Pharmacists dispense opioid prescriptions written by licensed physicians for legitimate medical need. Pharmacists do not – and cannot – write prescriptions.”

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Israel cites ‘potential link’ between Pfizer vaccine, mild heart disease in young men

Israel’s health ministry on Wednesday cited a “potential link” between the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and some cases of mild heart inflammation in young men receiving the vaccine.

the ministry said Statement It concluded that there is “some potential for a possible link” between the second dose of the vaccine and the emergence of myocarditis in men aged 16 to 30 years.

In their research, three teams of experts from the Ministry of Health recorded 275 cases of myocarditis between December 2020 and May 2021, with 148 cases “around the time of vaccination”.

Mild heart swelling was reported in 121 cases within 30 days of taking the second dose, 60 of those with pre-existing conditions. Of the approximately 5.1 million vaccinations, 121 cases are equivalent to 0.002 percent of the second dose.

The incidence was mostly reported among young men aged 16 to 19 years, with the link weakening among older populations. Most cases, 95 percent, were considered mild, and patients spent up to four days in the hospital.

Pfizer response: Pfizer told The Hill that it was aware of the Israeli research, noting that adverse events are “thoroughly reviewed”, including by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

“No causal link to the vaccine has been established,” the statement said. “With more than 300 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine administered globally, the benefit risk profile of our vaccine remains positive.”

Follows: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement last month that it was seeing “relatively few” cases of myocarditis in young people who have received the vaccine.

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