Paisley thug mother spat on policewoman after calling police

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A Paisley thug called the police for his mother, and a woman trying to help spat at the police.

Lee Halley, of Seedhill Road in Paisley, admitted to shouting, swearing and making remarks at his home address on February 21 last year while under a bail order.

Halley, 23, also admitted to spitting at a police officer at her home address on the same date.

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Ian Mathieson, attorney financials, told Paisley Sheriff’s Court: “Last year around 5:10pm on Friday, February 21st, the accused contacted the Scottish Police to report an incident involving her mother.

“The police came to the scene immediately.

“Officers were greeted at the front door by the clearly agitated defendants.

“He told the officers that his mother was on the sofa in the living room.

“The accused’s mother said she had mental health problems and was drinking alcohol.

“The defendant started shouting and swearing at his mother, which included phrases such as ‘You’re a piece of shit’.

“The defendant was warned by the police, but he continued to shout and threw himself to the ground.

“He was saying things like ‘F**t piece’ to officers and calling them ‘C**t’.

“The police made numerous attempts to persuade the suspect and tried to take him to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, but this was unsuccessful.

“The defendant went upstairs shouting ‘Fuck off’.

“The police continued to persuade the suspect and the defendant told them ‘Fuck off’ again.

“The police asked for more help and more police officers joined in.

“When the police arrived, the accused spat on PC Turner’s left arm.

“Spit protection was applied and the suspect was placed in a marked police van.

“He has not been warned and blamed at this time for his hostile and volatile situation.”

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Defense agent Mr McEwan explained to the court that at the time of the crime, Halley was struggling with mental health issues.

He added: “In addition to his mental health problems, Mr Halley had an underlying alcohol problem at the time of the attack.

“Now a year sober and joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

“She is in a full-time job and regrets her behavior.

“He realized he had a problem and fixed it.”

“These are serious matters, especially spit on a police officer,” said Sheriff Laura Mundell.

The sentence was postponed to 2 December for the preparation of a criminal justice social work report and the evaluation of the restriction of freedom decision.

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