May 6, 2021


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Palacio is ideal for Inter winning the title

BolognaThe 39-year-old forward Rodrigo Palacio Rolling past years rolled a classic against Fiorentina.

His team may have tied the match 3-3 however Palacio (10) It was not to blame. He scored three goals from three shots, made eight crosses and touched eight touches in the opponent’s area.

Teammate Emmanuel Vignato (9.5) He joins him in the team after providing all three passes to Palacio.

Complete the front three is Joaquin Korea (8.8), Who scored double LazioHis hopes of reaching the top four were boosted by his 4-3 win over Genoa.

In the midfield, Milan‘s Frank Casey (8.1) He delivered an excellent performance in their vital 2-0 win over Benevento. He didn’t get the scorecard nor an assist, but the performance was guaranteed Milan In the top four because he missed only four out of 67 pass attempts.

His partnership in midfield Morton Thorsby (8.0) And the Niccolo Barrilla (7.9), Who helped their team win. Only three players won more than 10 matches for Thorsby this weekend.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo (7.8) Standing right-back after completing six dribbles in a draw with Cagliari. This number is the second highest toll from Game Week. It also had 103 touches, which is the fourth most in the department.

Omar Cooley (7.8) And the Milan Closet (7.9) They are the central defenders.

Federico Dimarco (7.8) At left back.

Between sticks Benevento‘s Lorenzo Montebo (8.1) After making the highest level in the week of the match nine saves into the goal Milan.