Pam Carter’s On Reflection performances at Strathearn Gallery

Pam Carter, one of Scotland’s most iconic and beloved landscape painters, has opened a new solo exhibition, On Reflection, at the Strathearn Gallery in Crieff.

With a painting career spanning over fifty years, Pam has built a worldwide following for her work, making her one of Scotland’s most recognized and collected contemporary landscape artists today.

Pam’s exhibitions have been a regular highlight of the Scottish Art scene for years and have been on display at Strathearn since the gallery opened in 1994.

Unfortunately, however, Pam now has to stop painting due to health problems, but in order not to be discouraged, she has prepared a stunning collection of more than 40 paintings for this new exhibition.

Featuring vast beaches, picturesque hills and villages, and above all, gorgeous light, each painting encompasses Pam’s instantly recognizable style of broad brushstrokes and incredibly bold and vibrant color palettes.

As she looks at some of Pam’s favorite places in Scotland, these beautiful, refreshing pieces show the best of the scenery and are a delight to experience.

Remote Fishing Village, Pam Carter

Alongside this Pam’s own work, the gallery will also display a number of paintings for sale from Pam’s own personal art collection. This is a collection Pam has built over the years and includes contemporary and early works by many of Scotland’s best painters.

Located in the market town of Crieff, Strathearn Gallery is one of Scotland’s largest contemporary art galleries displaying works by some of Scotland’s best-known painters, alongside an extensive collection of glass, ceramics and sculptures. The gallery is open seven days.

Pam Carter’s On Reflection will run until October 24.

Learn more about Strathearn Gallery HERE.

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