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Parents as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex: “I am a Perfect Father!”


Prince Harry thinks he has broken the key to parenting …

It’s going to happen and it didn’t take long for that to happen. Prince Harry originally claimed that he had cracked the parenting code. Give us a boring break. It all happened when he trashed his father and grandparents when they both grew up. Armchair specialist He has produced podcasts or Apple TV trash.

First, Harry has no right to compare his own parenting strategies to how his parents and grandparents grew up. Second, she has been a parent for only two years. Also, when Prince Charles, The Queen and Prince Philip were born, it was a very different time. These were raised by Nanny because their parents were always away from fulfilling responsibilities instead of raising their children.

When Diana came on the scene, she changed to royal parents and wanted to get her hands on how her children would grow up. William is using the same technique with George, Charlotte and Louis who are becoming very ordinary babies. Harry should be credited with his mother for having such a positive impact on how his nephews and nieces are moving. But no. He condemns his father and grandparents and feels that people will sympathize with him. Why would the world do that when it becomes a loser and a loser?

Twelve years have passed since his mother died, but Harry does not see the big picture; Diana was not perfect. He had as much to do with the press as he could. The prince has to wake up to the truth but he can’t do it unless he follows Meghan’s example. He’s basically turned out to be his male version and it probably shows more than he realizes and shows it.

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