Patients face ’40-hour waiting period’ at Scottish hospital’s A&E as NHS warning

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Patients rushing to A&E at a Scottish hospital reportedly faced a ’40-hour wait’ as their healthcare came under extreme pressure.

Seeking treatment in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s (ERI) emergency room hit with huge delays Tuesday night, reports Edinburgh Live.

Local MSP Ian Murray explained that an ERI employee said more than 80 people were waiting in the department to be admitted to the wards overnight.

In a statement, he said: “A local worker at ERI said last night that the A&E wait was 40 hours and there were more than 80 people waiting to be admitted.

“Our wonderful NHS staff are again working their way to the bone but they need the Scottish Government’s support to resolve these issues.

“We have requested an appropriate NHS catch-up plan that looks at short-term and some long-term issues.

“Local GPs are working extremely hard but are in a very nervous state, which puts more pressure on the acute services.”

NHS Lothian confirmed that ‘a number of facilities are close to capacity’ and that a combination of staffing issues and bed capacity was behind the delays in A&E.

Explaining the pressures on the service, Jacquie Campbell, Chief Officer of Acute Services, NHS Lothian said: “Our services are under extreme and constant pressure, with some sites close to capacity.

“A combination of staff and bed pressures coupled with high volumes of patients presenting with complex and severe cases means patients have to wait longer than usual to be admitted.

“We sought mutual assistance to help alleviate the situation our teams and patients are currently facing and as they are actively relocating staff from across the industry into roles that need them most.

“I cannot thank our staff enough for the ways they continue to respond to these challenges, but it cannot be denied that we are in a serious situation.

“We urge everyone in Lothian to do their part to help keep A&E and our acute hospital beds for those who need it most. This includes going to A&E only if your condition is life-threatening.”

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How was the Daily Record before? leading emergency medicine specialist said some patients had two days A&E.

John Thomson, Vice President (Scotland) Royal College of Emergency MedicineHe said people wait up to 48 hours before being transferred to a ward.

And guessed that the country 1,000 beds short.

His warning came after Public Health Scotland published A&E wait times – which were the worst on record.


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