Paul Ince stunned by Paul Pogba contract rumor, calling Manchester United ‘hopeless’

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Former midfielder Paul Ince believes Manchester United’s decision to offer Paul Pogba a £400,000-a-week contract is a sign of the club’s “despair”.

French newspaper reported Set last week pogba He wants to stay at Old Trafford after his current contract expires next summer and could draft for a £400,000-a-week deal.

With seven assists in seven Premier League games so far this season, Pogba is less than three months away from being in a position to negotiate a pre-contract deal with non-English teams if he hasn’t signed a new deal. NS Unified until January.

United are confident that the French international will sign an extended deal, although no significant progress has been made in recent months.

Now, after reports from Pogba’s home country that United are ready to raise his weekly pay significantly, Thin He debuted at his old club.

fine told United Stand “First of all, I think it was a sign of desperation that Manchester United offered him this contract.

“They’re obviously trying to get him to sign this deal. They’re desperate to get him to sign this deal. It’s a lot of money for someone who’s been on the sidelines. He was on the bench two weeks ago. Everton and then all of a sudden they’re like, ‘Look, here it is, here’s £400,000 a week'”.

Although Pogba has had an impressive start to the season, especially Premier LeagueThe Frenchman proves this with just six goals and nine assists last season.

With that in mind, Ince admitted he was “confused” by United’s reported financial decision.

“The reason why United had to pay for it is because two years ago, going down to their last two years, they had to sign a two, three or four year contract with him and that wouldn’t have happened.” £400,000 a week,” Slim added.

“Maybe it would be £250,000. I can’t believe I’m talking about those numbers in salaries. Now that they’ve let his contract reach the last four or five months and he can start negotiating with the clubs in January, they have to pay £400,000 to convince him to stay.

“I don’t think he would sign a contract if they offered him £500,000 or £600,000 because if he leaves at the end of the season he will still get that kind of money, maybe more as a free agent.

“I propose that Paul Pogba has no persuasion to say ‘yes, I will sign’ for me. He came out two weeks ago and said he was comfortable and would wait until the end of the season.

“Suddenly United are panicking now and thinking ‘it’s our fault.’ The people behind Ole didn’t do their job right and got him signed two years ago. We haven’t seen Paul Pogba enough in the last six years to say ‘yes, he guarantees it’.

“Why did you offer Pogba £400,000 in this current situation? It amazes me.”

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