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PDmont Health Care holds a market share of back-to-back hospital deals


HIA Health Care and University Health have not seen a way to significantly expand their market share in the competitive Atlanta market, according to the latest hospital agreements, integration and procurement experts designed to benefit PDmonnt Healthcare.

Piedmont adds Seven Hospitals In collaboration with HCCA and University Health, back-to-back transactions are still available in 11 hospitals. H.C.A. He sold his last Atlanta area hospital to Advers Health on Thursday.

Profitable Atlanta hospitals will increase the bargaining power of the non-profit health system with the Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield, expand service lines and distribute their fixed costs over a wide range of assets, MNA experts said. Meanwhile, he said, the HCCA and University Health may be outsourcing or partnering in markets that they have not been able to manage on their own.

William Custer, director of the Center for Health Services Research, says: β€œHe is a very aggressive person. In fact, they are trying to make their mark not only on the Atlanta metro but also on the Georgia metro as a whole. Georgia State University. For both market power and performance-based credit, the ability to integrate systems into success is part of their overall strategy.

BCBS was headquartered in the Atlanta area, Custer added.

Health Care Expenditure Institution Rated Atlanta is one of the most competitive markets in the country, ranking at least 108th out of 124 US markets. Ian McCarthy, an associate professor of economics at the University of Atlanta, has made some preparations.

“In light of these events, I think there is a stronger spread of Piedmont than any other systemic event,” he wrote in an email to Modern Health Care.

Indeed, PDmont CEO Kevin Brown told modern health care on Wednesday that “they are not just growing up. We know very well and we are getting the benefits from it.”

Piedmont a Letter of purpose The University Health on Wednesday added three hospitals, three skilled nursing facilities and nine emergency care centers to its portfolio to become regional centers.

Piedmont agreed last week Purchase Four HCA hospitals 90 miles from Atlanta for $ 950 million. Institutions had an average job gap of 13.4% in the most recent federal record, an average of 6.7% in 11 Piedmont 11 emergency care hospitals.

H.C.A. Sold Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome, to Adventils at $ 635 million. The alternatives follow HCA’s plans to roll out hospitals that are not No. 1 and No. 2 in the market as the company builds an outpatient network. The hospital chain plans to focus on emergency care resources in southeastern Georgia.

“The availability of brick and mortar hospitals is very expensive in the field of health care,” said John Fanberg, chairman of the Brack Ackler Health Care Act. Retail Clinics, Urgent care facilities and Ambulance Surgery Centers You will be discharged from the hospital, such as refund changes, regulatory adjustments, and budding technology. When we improve technology, you don’t need the number of sick beds.

Jordan Shields, a junior consultant at the university, said they were too small to provide integrated care, and that they were not sure if they could grow naturally to achieve the goal. Piedmont, Wellster Health System and Emory Health Care – $ 4 billion, $ 3.5 billion and $ 5.9 billion, respectively, are in the metropolitan area of ​​Metro Atlanta. He said HCA and the university do not do health.

“Hospital care is a declining asset. Outpatient care, low-cost care and in-home care are the industry’s most important industries. But HCCA needs markets that can be urgently needed. When it comes to care, Atlanta doesn’t have them, Gasha said.

He said the HCCA-Piedmont transaction would be a big deal for both parties.

“These are valuable resources. HCA is in a very small area in that area and Piedmont is looking at real value,” the shields said.

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