May 9, 2021


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Pep Guardiola praises Sergio Aguero after Man Utd release Man Utd

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are set to complete the Premier League title this weekend and will take a look at what is going on at Old Trafford on Sunday.

A 2-0 off the field to Crystal Palace He placed the leaders on the brink of another major title, and second-placed Manchester United would be determined to lose to Liverpool at home.

If City do not get help from Jurgen Klopp’s side, they could make Chelsea their third championship at the Etihad Stadium next Saturday.

Second half b Sergio Aguero And following the 25th major campaign in the capital, Guardiola’s men have secured one hand in the Premier League.

Asked if he would prefer to pack more property on the field at the end of next week, the Spaniard said: “No, as soon as possible.

“I look at the Manchester United game and what it is, what happens, but the most important thing is that they don’t need to be champions.

It is in our hands again. If we don’t win tomorrow, we will try to do it next week. We have four games to win the championship, we need two points in four games.

Pallas was the key to the victory in London after the city was able to block visitors in the first half.

The club’s record-breaking goal scorer is set to end at the end of the season following a difficult year with an injury, but he finished 182 minutes later in the Premier League with 182 goals.

“He’s a very humble and good-natured, legendary, unique player and it’s not easy to find,” added Guardiola.

“That’s why I like him as a person, another player in his situation and what he did can cause conflict and difficult situations.

When a man is loved by all our fans, it is not enough to score a thousand million goals. He cannot hide as a human being because it is something that the people understand.

“We have made a decision at this time, one of the most difficult, the most difficult ones I have taken, especially since he has been injured for a long time.

“But what he did in this club will last forever, and we want to finish it as best we can.

And he is going to help us in the Champions League and finish the Premier League. It is not easy to find a player like him with these numbers and findings.

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City are on a three-pronged tour and are set to face Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday to advance to the first round of the Champions League.

Pallas manager Roy Hodgson watched the first game of the last four matches earlier this week, and on Saturday Guardiola began to see his players first hand.

Linn Linn Linn During his career in 1976, he revisited the best team he had ever coached.

Hodgson said: “Looking at what I’ve done in the last four years and seeing how Pep has worked with this team, I don’t think I have a good team. .

“If they really turn my hand and give me a team that can play well, I will. In 1987, I joined the Jahan Cruff Ajax team with Van Bastens and Bergkamps.

“I’ve said many times before that it’s very difficult, Malmo vs Ajax, and I might have to change my mind for the future and put Man City there instead.”