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Percentage of the first vaccine dose administered by US states and territories


as part of the National strategy for COVID-19 response and pandemic preparedness pdf icon CDC is committed to ensuring that Safehandjob effective Vaccines are delivered and administered as soon as possible.

To help understand vaccine administration, CDC has created a map below to show the percentage of first doses of vaccines that have been administered from their supply in each jurisdiction. This information can be used to better understand how states are using their supplies to start vaccinations within their community.

Weekly Total Percentage of First Dose Administered Based on Jurisdiction’s Vaccine Supply

Most US states and territories have administered 74.1% or more of their first vaccine dose.


When a vaccine dose is allocated to a jurisdiction, the jurisdiction is allocated the first and second doses at the same time.

  • The first dose is available to order immediately;
  • The second dose vaccine is available to order after 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the product.

However, vaccine orders and deliveries do not specify whether the vaccine is to be administered as a first dose or as a second dose. Jurisdictions are directed to use the distributed supply (first and second dose combined) to best meet the current needs of their community.


For the denominator used to calculate the percentage below, the number of doses designated as the “first dose” is assumed to align with how the vaccine is allocated nationally. To maintain inventory, some vaccines will always be kept in supply; So the percentage is not expected to reach 100%. Please see footnote for more details.

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