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Perfect Presidential Weekend in Washington DC


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About 16 million tourists flock to Washington, DC, each year. Well known for its politics and history, this barbaric city is now the temporary residence of the current president, and rightly so. Heritage, attractions, museum exhibitions and restaurants have been established throughout the city to honor our former presidents. Regardless of the current political situation, visitors can immerse themselves in the exciting history of the US President’s Office. Spend a day or two or a long weekend getting to know our former presidents.

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Our famous statues and monuments

Most tourists know our monuments and monuments. Washington, D.C., has the largest collection of presidential memorials in the United States.

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  • The centerpiece of the National Mall is a memorial to the country’s first president, George Washington.
  • The Abraham Lincoln Memorial sits on the west end of the National Mall and serves as a great place to watch the sunset in Washington, DC.
  • Tomorrow, Thomas Jefferson and Franklin de Roosevelt will see cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin, which is overflowing with spectators.
  • Tewodros Roosevelt’s memorial, known for his love of adventure, is one of the busiest in downtown DC. The 88.5-acre[88.5 ha]island of Rosemelt Island is located on the Potomak River.
  • The new memorial to President Dwight de Eisenhower is currently under construction and is located between 4th and 6th Avenue. Linn 2020 It is scheduled to open.
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Engraved in wax by Mrs. Tussads

In addition to presidential memorials, you can capture all forty-five presidential pictures in wax. Ms. Tuscads of Washington, DC, 1001 F. Street NW. Carefully shaped by size, shape and character, you can stand on each and every side, read their story, and see how they can be measured in many ways. Sit in the oval office or give a full speech with the president’s seal on the presidential platform. Ms. Tuss also has a number of interactive exhibits that test your presidential knowledge and show you the challenges our presidents faced during their time at the White House.

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For those of us who are not interested in presidents, Ms. Tussads of Washington, DC, also hosts many celebrities who are similar to George Cloney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and others. In addition, they have recently added a new excitement Augmented reality experience. There are huge savings when booking online, so make sure you avoid walking bonuses.

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The scene of the crime

For historians, it is a block south of Madame Tussads Ford Theater. It is known as the site where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 by John Will Kes Booth. Lincoln did not die there. The president was taken across the street to his home in Peterston, where he died the next day.

While at the Ford Theater, you can stand in the presidential tent where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated the night before. Or walk on stage after John Wilkes Booth Lincoln is shot. There are many opportunities to lead your own The murder investigation, Including eyewitnesses and physical evidence.

as if Petersen House You can explore the historical landscape of the Theater and Peterston House in the 1860s and how it has changed over the years.

Both the theater and the Peterston House are open daily for a small visit. Ford Theater for stage events still opens at night, so visitors should check in Calendar For leisure and visiting hours.

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Image of a President and others

If you love art, just walk down the street from the theater Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Located on the corner of 8th and F. Streets NW, the gallery is located in the former historic patent office and is free to enter.

Among the exhibitions honoring American art are the National Gallery of more than 1,600 presidential paintings, the main center of the museum. The panel will cover forty-four former presidents as well as current president Donald J. Trump. This collection is the only additional collection for the White House’s second presidential portrait.

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The portraits were created by many mediums, including large oil paintings, prints and drawings, photographs, and a few sculptures. Each president is an idol in the style of modern wisdom, so they vary from president to president. It hosts the Smithsonian’s annual celebration to celebrate President’s Week Presidential Family Happiness Day Completed in mid-March by Presidential Minority and Washington National Racing Presidents and Presidential Changes for Children. Check the website for dates, times and event details.

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Working on a presidential-sized appetite

If all this museum and hop-starving starves you to death, there are a few well-known restaurants that feed that presidential appetite.


It is the first Lincoln, 1110 Vermont Street NW. It’s a traditional American dish – “Food for the People, by People” – Identify the comfort of the South. The atmosphere is pleasant and Lincoln-inspired, good for families. They offer many different menus depending on the day. My favorite foods are a variety of distorted egg yolks, Shrimp and Greens, Macau and cheese, And Chicken pot cakes. Lincoln is also known as Banda on Sunday Chicken and Waffles, Duck confit benedict, And brioche French toast.

Open multiple days 11a-11p, but hours vary. Happy Hours run on special days of the week, 3P-8P, bar bites and signature cocktails with specialty Honest Abe Monshin And Proclamation 95 Punch.

Teddy and the bully bar

It is another great restaurant Teddy and the bully bar. The atmosphere, like its name, has Western vibrations. Amazingly, the combination of different menus and special ingredients satisfies even the most adventurous food. from Pokémon plates to the Duck confit flatbread to the Pumpkin fried cheese, Everyone at the table loves trying something new!

Teddy and the bully are best known for their happy hour. The bar bite menu offers almost all small plates on the main lunch and dinner menu and beyond. Small Bowls is a list of signature cocktails named after Tewodros Roosevelt in praise of Smorgasbard. Cowboy, rough rider, And Trusted Bastard. Whether you are coming in for lunch, dinner, happy hour or for a brush, you will probably find something that ignites your taste buds and takes you a few seconds!

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Grab some zeitgeist

It is one of the best hotels to spend the night in Washington DC Watergate Hotel. This hotel In 1972, they looted the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee under the guise of President Nixon’s resignation and resignation.

Watergate Hotel When it was reopened in 2016, it embraced the shameful past of the past. In 1972, the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee was renovated and the hotel room was renovated A collection of scandals, And can be visited by hotel guests. The collection shows up-to-date scans of contemporary publications published throughout the scandal and the time spent spying on the DNA. The rest of the hotels have been carefully designed to honor the time when the hotel has had the greatest impact on history. Both the staff and the facilities at the Watergate Hotel are ideal for the presidency and are the perfect way to book a trip to our capital.

There are many places in Washington, DC, to study and celebrate the historical events that shaped our forty-five leaders and their presidency. Regardless of your political affiliation, it is difficult to ignore the context of the US President’s Office. ◊

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Does everyone like a theme?  If you are looking for something new to perform in Washington DC?  We are covered in a perfect presidential weekend in the capital.  Enjoy activities that go beyond the famous memorials of the President.  Commander's magazine full of travel tips from local experts.  #Washington DC #Tonston Washington #Presidential #WaterGate #DC #Washington Construction # USA

Does everyone like a theme?  If you are looking for something new to perform in Washington DC?  We've got you covered in a perfect presidential weekend in the capital.  Enjoy activities that go beyond the famous memorials of the President.  Commander's magazine full of travel tips from local experts.  #Washington DC #Tonston Washington Washington #Presidential #WaterGate #DC #WashingtonChurch #US

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