May 9, 2021


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Peterborough United win promotion after an impressive return to action against Lincoln City

Peterborough United secured the title with a stunning comeback at Lincoln City.

Today’s 3-3 draw confirms that Posh has automatically been promoted from League One and will return to English football for the first time since 2013.

Darren Ferguson’s side are unbeaten by 84 points in just one league game.

Osh Shin, who lead by five points, became champions today after a 3-1 win at Wigan.

Although he may be safe with Donster Rovers on Tuesday, Pos has been back today (May 1) after a three-goal deficit.

Peterborough United’s Johnson Clark-Harris celebrates after scoring the third goal of the game

After Anthony Scholey’s Morgan Rogers was sent off by Nathan Thompson, George Grant gave Lincoln the lead in the 31st minute before doubling the lead in the first half.

Scholey looked to have won the second half with eight minutes from 20 yards, but Posh came back.

Clark-Harris woke up in the 65th minute before being hit by a free kick 76 minutes later.

New Crown League Player of the Year Clark-Harris then punched the bar in the sixth minute before referee John Busby added a free-kick before Pash was given his last chance.

With the release of Sami Saxmodix and Clark-Harris, Slyley went from hero to villain to send Clark-Harris Pos and face City in a thrilling campaign to score his 31st league goal at home.

Ten years after Peterborough’s final relegation to the Champions League – also achieved by Ferguson – it is now a remarkable achievement for the club and its manager, who has now won four places with Posh.

True, the club may have failed miserably when they finally qualified for the Champions League. A 3-0 Play-Off final win over Huddersfield at Old Trafford – No fan cares.

Ferguson has now ruled the club out of action in both of his last two league games.

He has been on the brink of death in recent weeks. Tuesday’s victory over Doncaster could confirm the promotion, especially considering Posh was 2-0.

In the process, you don’t blame fans who feel like you’re cursed for wasting the leader and throwing two points.

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However, that lack of stability was just that – today’s result is beyond doubt and Pash continues to look good as he climbs to the top of the table.

The club-related people – fans, players and staff – were happily looking back.

Mark Beavers, Joe Ward and Johnson Clark-Harris were all named in the squad for the season, with Clark-Harris choosing current player Gong with 31 league goals.

Football and its results ensure progress by taking Pash to the division where he feels his home is right.