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Pfizer, BioNetech requires full FDN certification for the CVD-19 vaccine


The covide-19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer and Biotech, was introduced in Since December FDA authorizes emergency use Towards a two-stroke rule. Partners now need full FDN certification.

An emergency use permit is a temporary condition for an emergency. Regular FDA approval allows companies to market the vaccine in the United States, provides additional confirmation of the RNA vaccine, and convinces those who are reluctant to receive the vaccine. So far, 170 million units have been made in the United States, according to the companies.

Pfizer and Biotech said Friday Approached Your application to the FDA Rotating review, Which means that the completed parts of the application will be presented in a better way than in one. This type of review gives the FDA the option to review parts of the application before the presentation is completed. Pfizer and Biotech say they have started the application for unlicensed clinics and clinical data for those 16 and older. The rest of the pieces include the manufacturing and facility information. Those presentations will be made in the coming weeks.

Modena, who gave the other FDA-approved MRI CV vaccine, Financial results for the first quarter He plans to launch a driving app with the FDA later this month.

After receiving all parts of the application, the FDA will set a date for the inspection decision. Regular review is 10 months. Pfizer and Biotech say they plan to search for priority reviews and then cut the schedule for four months. The control decision may not take that long. The safety and effectiveness of vaccines are based on clinical trial data that support emergency use permits. The FDA previously reported that at least half of Phase 3 surveys had at least two months of follow-up from Phase 3 study and precautionary measures.

According to the latest data from Phase 3 tests in early April, Pipeser and Biotech are 91.3 percent effective in vaccinating their corticosteroids. Up to six months After the second dose. Vaccination is 100% effective in preventing serious illness. The safety of the vaccine has been confirmed at the six-month mark. The companies said the six-month post-vaccination data provided for complete confirmation.

Pfizer and Bioench last month called on the FDA to extend their immunization status to include 12 to 15 children. A clinical data report showing the vaccine at the end of March resulted in 100% efficacy in that age group. Six months after the second dose of the drug, if the clinical data is available to patients, the companies say they plan to get a confirmation of the vaccine at this age.

The development of Pfizer and Biotech will come at a time when vaccinators are being called upon to abandon patent protection for Cov vaccines so that others can go in and produce more to ensure equitable distribution around the world. He said last week that he would do the bidding Support Abandonment of property rights.

as if Letter to staff It has also spread on social media, with Pifer’s CEO Albert Burla saying that the lack of manufacturing infrastructure is not the reason why vaccines are not widely available. He said the limitation is the availability of raw materials for vaccine production.

“Freedom from COVID-19 vaccines threatens to disrupt the flow of raw materials,” Borla said. It solves the scandal of the critical resources we need to make a safe and effective vaccine. Those who have little or no experience in the production of vaccines are more likely to chase the raw materials we need to grow our products, endangering the safety and security of all.

As of May 3, Pfizer and Biotech say they have distributed about 430 million covac vaccines to 91 countries and territories around the world.

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