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Philadelphia Ballot Question: Expand Property Infringement Appeals Hearing Board?


If passed, the body could get three new members and enable faster decision-making in principle.

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The Philadelphia Board of License Inspection Review is playing catch up.

This judicial body, which was created by the original city charter, exists to hear appeals on property infringement decisions, the revocation or denial of a license to carry firearms, and the decisions of certain other Philly agencies.

It comes under the jurisdiction of the Managing Director’s office, and is completely independent of the Licensing and Inspection Department. If you do not like the answer you have received from the Board, you may appeal again to the Court of Common Please in Philly.

With the vacancies already existing due to the delays related to the pandemic and COVID, the board has clearly accumulated a huge backlog. This ballot question tries to solve the problem by adding more members.

Will the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to provide for an expanded Board of License Inspection Review that can hear and decide cases in a three-member panel?

As things currently stand, the Board of License Inspection Review can have up to six members, all appointed by the mayor, and a majority of them must meet to decide any matters.

But the board is currently working at half capacity. with three vacancies which predates the pandemic. The technical difficulties associated with virtual meetings, along with the ability of the Board to hear cases, have contributed to the huge delay.

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“Currently the L&I Review Board is facing a large backlog of cases,” said council member Cherrell Parker During the hearing regarding this ballot question. “The public is not shy about communicating their frustration.”

The board has said on a wide range of subjects. In addition to firearms permit and building violations, it hears appeals regarding certain decisions issued by Philly:

  • art commission
  • town planning commission
  • public health department
  • fair housing commission
  • Fairmount Park Commission
  • historical commission
  • road department
  • water department

If passed, it would amend the city’s charter to increase the capacity of the ballot question board to nine members, and allow it to make decisions in groups of three at a time. This way, when the members are absent, it will not affect the progress of the board.

If you think the board should have more members, and that fewer members are needed to hear the appeal, vote yes. Don’t vote if you want the process to remain the same.


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  • Licensing and Inspection Department


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