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Philadelphia DA race: Counting of mail ballots could delay results


There may not be a clear winner on election night.

Danya Henninger / Billy Penney

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An unexpected error with fast machines purchased to help during the 2020 presidential election slowed Philly’s mail ballot counting process on Tuesday, according to the city’s commissioners’ office.

According to state law, election officials cannot open the envelope and start counting votes until the voting begins.

Philly officials plan to post results from nearly 39,000 primary election ballots: results.philadelphiavotes.com Shortly after voting closed at 8 p.m., spokesman Nick Custodio said. But the actual first batch of numbers only included results in excess of 10,000.

“It’s not a big problem, it’s the thing that’s slowing down the process, unfortunately,” Custodio told WHYY News.

This matter arose early in the day. Since folded ballots were slightly larger this year than last year, the machines that opened the top of the envelope were also cutting them directly. “We didn’t want to harm too many ballots so we stopped using extractors,” Custodio said.

Instead, the counting center at 11311 Roosevelt Blvd. Switched methods, and started using an older type of extractor called a grinder. Instead of a knife cutting through the envelope, it “grinds” through the top. About 30 laborers were also opening the envelope by hand.

a Livestream of operation Posted on the website of the Municipal Commissioner.

4 More election information:

The volume will be nothing like the attack last November, when nearly 375,000 Philadelphians voted by mail. but the city 85,000 of the paper ballots were sent May for primary.

In May 2017, Philadelphia last selected candidates for DA, About 150,000 people cast their votes. This was thought to be about 50% higher than other recent DA primaries.

Although Philadelphia Polling started slow this year, Things Raised significantly during the latter part of the day.

Delay in primary outcomes is also expected in other counties around Pennsylvania. State officials said more than 800,000 ballots were sent to the Commonwealth. Statewide results are posted online electionreturns.pa.gov.

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