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Philly Quijo: Can you beat the high score in the local news trivia quiz?


Test your local knowledge of everything in Philadelphia.

Mark Henninger / Imagick Digital

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With a boxing gym as our co-host, it’s fitting that this month’s edition of Billy Penn Philly Quijo proved tough.

Over 55 people joined us on Zoom to run the live version of our monthly local news and history trivia quiz. Hosts Danya Henninger and Sakina Benjamin asked questions in our three categories of Philly Past, Philly Present and Philly Future as 17 teams competed to get the most correct answer and win a prize.

What was at stake? A free fitness training session for the whole team with Malek Jackson His Named Gym on 2nd Street at Northern Liberties. Malek also awarded a second prize: four class passes for best team name.

You can almost taste the fierceness of the competition between rounds, like dj bounce gates Custom Philly Quizo Mix was played and each group worked to complete their answer sheets.

At the end of the night, the BP crew named the best team “It’s my birthday, so I must win!” decided to award. It’s hard to argue with that argument. On the question side, when all points were tallied, there was a three-way tie for first place. But after a tiebreaker, the team left Old Barney’s Navy with the prize.

it’s your turn now. Without using Google, can you beat their 19/24 score?

To play, choose your answers in the “Past,” “Present” and “Future” sections at the bottom, then click “Submit” and scroll down to hit “View Scores” and see how you did. (That’s where you’ll see the correct answers as well.)

If the form below doesn’t work for you, take the quiz here.

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