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Phoenix opponents were charged with controversial mass arrests



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Some people arrested last summer during anti-police protests in downtown Finke have filed lawsuits alleging mass arrests without charge in federal courts.

Linn On May 30, 2020, a crowd gathered in downtown Phoenix to protest the killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis police officer, and other police brutality. They met with the executive and the brutal forces at the Phoenix Police Department. Officers “chased” protesters with rubber bullets and bullets and arrested 124 people in connection with the riots. Police officers reportedly used it Description of the same possible reason To explain all those arrested, but all charges were dropped by judges at the first-instance hearing.

Demonstrations were declared illegal for no reason, immediately and / or without sufficient time to comply with orders to disperse en masse. Complaints states. That same night, police raided the center of Phoenix and arrested 124 people. Many of these people have been trapped for hours in unsafe vehicles without access to water and sanitation.

The charges against Phoenix Police Chief Jerry Williams and two other officers this morning violated the city and the police department by avenging the opposition’s first amendment rights, violating the fourth amendment, and launching “malicious arrests and criminal proceedings. Numerous charges have been filed against the city, including defamation, invasion of privacy, “civil conspiracy” and serious negligence. The 124 people arrested that night are “paying the price.”

“They were reluctant to participate in the First Amendment, or simply because they were in Phenicia 11 or 12 hours later,” said Steve Bennetto, a lawyer for the People’s Law Enforcement Agency. The plaintiffs spoke on the matter Phoenix New Times. The problem is they are arresting people for no reason. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

He added: “The judges at this hearing were unprecedented.” I have never seen anything like it.

Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sergeant Mercedes Fortune referred Phoenix New Times To Phoenix City to comment. Dan Wilson, a spokesman for City Mayor Ed Zuyerrsher, did not respond.

Among the 124 people arrested by Phoenix police was Maxima Gerero, a local community activist and one of the plaintiffs. Guerrero, who has legal rights under the DACA program, was arrested and deported. Released after public outcry.

Earlier in the day, Gerero said in a press release: “The incident exposes the risk to the first person in a long-running case to exercise their first amendment right here at Phoenix.” It exposes how these agencies work together, how they exercise our human and civil rights, and how ready they are to attack our communities.

Mimi Araya said, “This must stop. We deserve to live and the police will not be safe and we will know how to get rid of the police and how to get rid of the police without being attacked by the same system that we oppose.” Phoenix Metro, co-director of Black Life Affairs, said in a press release. I was there last winter … I was being chased on the streets like an animal and the police officers threw pepper spray at me saying it was a matter of my black life.

The complaint was also copied and phoned by Phoenix Police. The statement referred to the general movement of the protesters more than any other individual, and was accused of destroying and throwing bottles and fireworks at police officers.

Description, “Police officers began thrown into the police officers, including fireworks, including fireworks, including fireworks, including fireworks. They continued to engulf the downtown area, lighting small fires, throwing bottles and stones at officers and damaging windows, and spraying many buildings, sidewalks, and sidewalks.

The lawsuit, filed by the Phoenix Police Department and the Agency’s Tactical Response Unit on May 30, 2020, alleges that senior officials were arbitrarily arrested. Defendants allege that PDP The states filed the complaint stating that the officers knew their plan to ‘mobilize’ the protesters or protesters.

One of the defendants, Legion Benjamin Moore’s tactical response unit, “Field Force Commander,” said he had “authorized the use of force against mostly non-violent protesters.” The defendant, Sergeant Douglas McBred, also acknowledged that the same department had taken action against protesters that night. Chief Jerry Williams was charged with felony criminal mischief for failing to discipline any officer in connection with the May 30 incident.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, as well as a “permanent order” to prevent the city from engaging in similar “unconstitutional” actions in the future and to revise your city policy to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Update: Dan Wilson, a spokesman for the city manager’s office, wrote in an email after the publication that the city would “investigate the case in detail.” “The city is committed to protecting the safety, security, and constitutional rights of all its residents and visitors,” 21CP Solutions said, adding that it is “committed to an independent review of Phoenix police policies and practices.” Processions

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