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Piers Morgan signs it ’40 times’: Plea urging Prince Harry to lose Royal title mocked


The Sussexes earned many haters last year after they vacated senior royal positions to lead a financially independent life on the glittering American coast. Australian host David Campbell is clearly not one of them…

A petition urging Prince Harry to “voluntarily” put aside his royal title is gaining momentum on Change.org after the Queen’s grandson has been criticized by the US media and his own mental health series ‘The Me You Can See’. made disclosures.

However, the effort has been ridiculed by ‘Today Extra’ host David Campbell, an openly leftist and ‘pro-Harry’ Australian presenter, who recently asked the Duke of Sussex to speak about his mental health struggles. Regarded as “Hero”.

Campbell championed his first ‘pro Sussex’ defense on Wednesday, when dismiss the petition With a blindfolded “here we go again” smile:

“It’s garnered over 45,000 signatures. It’s burning! The move is led by socialite Lady Colin Campbell … and says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex must stop harming the institution of the monarchy, Campbell said.

The host then jokingly said that the petition might owns its success As for Piers Morgan, a vocal critic of the Sussexes, who may have signed it “40 times”.

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FILE – In this March 5, 2020, file photo, Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive at the annual Endeavor Fund Awards in London

Morgan lost her job at Good Morning Britain after slamming “Princess Pinocchio” Meghan Markle for her “lies” during her infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, where the Duchess said that he was denied Mental health support from the Buckingham Palace team on feeling “suicidal”.

But Campbell clearly has a different stance from his British colleague: Just two weeks ago he clashed with 9Honey journalist Natalie Oliveri over her “Whining Harry” remarks.

“It’s a shame that Prince Harry’s voice has really clouded so much on this documentary, this podcast,” Oliveri said, in reference to the Duke’s recent media collaboration to talk about mental health issues . is battling Since the death of the mother which was clearly ignored by his family.

During his co-produced documentary ‘The Me You Can’t See’, Harry specifically targeted Her father Prince Charles failed to help her with her sufferings because of the media attention.

But the situation has clearly angered Campbell, who asked Oliveria “Is he whispering?” Comment.

“He’s telling his story. I don’t see it as a moaning,” he said.

But Oliveri had reason to put it that way as he did:

“Well, people are now demanding to take away his title. If you’re going to complain about ‘staying at the zoo’ and being ‘trapped’ in the monarchy, well, so return your titles. That’s what people are saying,” she said. After that the section was wrapped up.

Meghan and Harry already lost A bunch of royal titles, ranks and patronage came in February when it was confirmed they were not returning to their senior royal duties. People are now calling for the couple to be stripped of their final ducal titles if they choose to go ahead with their “truth-bombing.”

In the petition, Lady Colin Campbell, a renowned royal biographer, argues that Prince Harry should ask the Queen “to suspend her royal style, title and position” in order to be free of any diplomatic and constitutional constraints.

As of Wednesday, more than 50,000 signatories agreed with him.


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