May 9, 2021


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Plans for Bobby Zamora and Mark Noble Portland

Former Brighton and Hove Albion striker Bobby Zamora has one goal in sight – and one hectare in Portelslad.

Zamora, a 40-year-old property developer, hopes to build 126 apartments up to 11 floors on Wellington Street and Camden Street near Shoreham Port.

West Ham United captain Mark Noble, 33, has been with Lona Group directors for four years at the London club.

But Labor Council member Les Hamilton wants a red card to show off his plans for overcrowding and too few parking spaces.

Awareness of Wellington Road artists

Hamilton, a member of Brighton and Hove City Council who represents South Portsland, wants to oppose the plan when the plan is debated.

Luna Group has applied for a permit to include the old Flyer Sack Factory and the troubled Harbor View Bar.

Alexandra, which had previously been licensed for alcohol, drug use, and sexual assault, was destroyed in 2015.

The station is currently surrounded by club studios, underground gym, car wash and parking.

Once approved, the planned 11-story block will be located in a corner with a car wash. The ban will include offices and 65 apartments – 31 of which will be one-bedroom apartments.

Plans 2 and 3 include the nine- and seven-story high-rise neighborhood blocks, with 71 homes and additional office space and recreational space.

The site is a venue for ለመገንባት 20 million to build apartments up to seven storeys in 2019 by the council.

According to Luna Group, the project had the potential to redevelop the area with design buildings and suitable floor space.

Wellington Road Station

Wellington Road Station

The company said in a statement that “the development will help identify the need for (the council) to deliver a significant number of new homes.”

Five people have sent a letter of protest to the council, threatening parking, noise, traffic and overcrowding.

A local tenant said the list was a modified tenant on the council’s website and that there should be a complete construction and local government plan.

“We are very concerned about the development of the surrounding area, especially considering the current state of the building,” he said.

We are concerned that large-scale construction work will not affect our room.

Another opponent, who is linked to club studios, said: “The ridiculous idea that it is possible to build 71 apartments in a disabled parking lot alone is unbelievable.

As I mentioned earlier, the proposed Luna development will bring a lot of traffic to the area where there is already a lot of parking space to support small independent businesses operating on North Street.

All the potential owners of these apartments have friends and family who come and visit them, even if they don’t have a car, and this takes the parking space that our customers want us to live on.

Another local business owner said, “This is a problem for the local businesses as it is already affected by parking problems.

“This is a business, not a residential area. Businesses are already struggling with parking, and restricting this large apartment with very limited parking will only aggravate parking issues and make our businesses more difficult. ”

Next Wednesday (May 5), the House Planning Committee will decide whether to approve the plan at a virtual meeting beginning at 2 p.m. The meeting is scheduled to take place on the council’s website.