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Police are investigating the home deaths of Newcastle care


The death of an elderly man in a nursing home is being investigated by the police.

The 82-year-old woman was pronounced dead at her home on March 11 at the Nintendo Nursing Home in Newcastle, North Umbria police said.

The owner of the house, Solehawk, said that the staff member had been suspended due to non-compliance and that all necessary information had been passed on to investigators.

The spokesman said: “In the days after the tragic death of a resident in March 2021, the team at the care center received a routine check, although our internal procedures were not observed at one time.

A member of staff was suspended because he was notified immediately. We are convinced that this is a neutral event.

The administration and staff have always sent condolences to their families as they are saddened by the passing of a resident.

He said the matter is currently being investigated by the police and we have made sure that we have all the necessary information to complete the investigation.

It houses up to 60 residents, some of whom are mentally retarded, and provides financial assistance to private and local authorities.

The Quality Assurance Commission (CCC) said the Social Welfare Institute had given a “good” level of security but that all supervisors needed to be improved.

The CQC website is carrying out an in-house quality assessment.

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