Police looking for suspect in 3 robberies north of Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Austin Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying a suspect involved in three robberies in north Austin since late September.

According to the APD, the suspect in each case has a similar description, and the motive for each robbery “seems to be of a sexual nature and is increasing.” All three events occurred in close proximity to each other.

The first incident occurred just before 8 am on September 22 at the 1600 block of Rutland Drive. Police said a woman was walking home from her child’s school when the suspect touched her inappropriately. He then grabbed the victim by the arm, threatened her with a knife, and demanded his property.

The second incident occurred around 8:10 am on October 11 at the 1700 block of Colony Creek Drive. According to police, while a woman was walking to her child’s school, the suspect approached her with a knife and asked for her personal belongings. The police told the woman that they would return the items in exchange for sex.

The third incident occurred at around 11:00 am on October 14 at the laundry of an apartment complex on the 9300 block of Northgate Avenue. Police said a woman was in the laundry room with her child while the suspect “performed sexual acts”. ” He then demanded his personal belongings and threatened to injure the woman and take her child.

Police say the suspect’s statements were similar in all three cases:

Event #1 Event #2 Event #3
spanish male spanish male spanish male
Approximately. 20-25 years Approximately. 25 years old Approximately. 20 years old
Approximately. 5’3″ Approximately. 5’3″ to 5’5″ Approximately. 5’1″
slender build, facial beard Thin mustache, slightly stubble, medium-length black hair Slim, clean-shaven face, well-groomed
Black t-shirt, black shorts, black baseball cap Black hoodie, black baseball cap, black pants Red t-shirt, black shorts, black and white baseball cap

Anyone with any information is requested to call the APD Robbery Hotline at (512) 974-5092. You can also contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at (512) 472-TIPS.

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