May 9, 2021


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Porsche Williams shocked fans with this throwback photo

Porsha Williams has shared a photo since she was a teenage girl and fans can’t believe she looks like her daughter Pillar Jhina. See the picture below. Porsha verbally commented on his post: ‘Ya wa wah it’s scary !!!! My baby is my complete twin !!!! গ Pilarjhena 🤯🤯❤️❤️ unique # tuning ning ‘Another follower said:’ So crazy because he is literally your twin and his dad are twins at the same time ❤️😍😂 ‘and another follower said:’ Yes ​​everyone is telling Dennis, But that’s not all, isn’t it? ” Someone else said: ‘Wow, such beauty! Mine too Wait while he starts using full sentence debates: It’s w / a tiny, Mickey Mouse-Voice Haven ‘version of your own dictator t see this post on Instagram #ParshaVilliams (@ Porsche 4 reals) shared a comment posted by a commenter:’ When it comes to one-year-old PJ, she’s your daughter 😂😂 ’and another follower said:‘ When she looked like you were a kid, she looks like Dennis now. A fan posted this message: ‘I thought your baby would look like Dennis until he saw the picture. She’s going to be a stallion like you and Miss Diane! ‘In other recent news, Porsche Williams surprised his fans with something unexpected. Check out her post on her social media account below. ‘I’m glad to be able to share exclusively that I’m starting a livestream series on amazonlive. Tune in at 12:12 pm on Friday night / 9:00 am PT for the first stream of my series! This is for all your moms and for anyone struggling to find two as a Mother’s Day gift I’ll break down all my favorite things and give you a glimpse of what’s on my wish list! See my link in the bio or swipe the links to see my IG! # Blessed and loved, ‘Porsha headlined his post. Contact us for more information about Porsha and his family.