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Post baby puppet post: I was worried after I found a puppy


My Pomera Luna is fun. Everyone who meets her screams at her and tells me how beautiful she is.

She really is. She has beautiful signs, two different colored eyes, a contagious smile and a big butt. She looks like a giant cotton ball.

After I met her, I smiled when everyone stopped me on the road and told me how lucky I was to find her.

But I kept it a secret…

After I found the puppy, I was worried.

Post puppy depression, it’s one thing

I have always loved dogs. As a child, my mother told me that I could not find one because I needed money. While I was growing up watching dogs through apps like Rover and Dogbudi, I found out she was wrong. On one occasion, my ex-boyfriend and I were running a dog nursery through a rover at home, watching five dogs at a time. I thought I knew all there was to know about dogs, since I had cared for so many breeds.

It was finally time to find myself and it was something I had been thinking about for a long time. Finally, for two weeks at Christmas, I watched Bailey’s thousand-zun and began to draw the trigger. After she left, I felt like I had lost my side and wished I had a puppy to hug.

At this point I knew exactly what I wanted – Pomeranian. They are small, confident, happy little dogs and I really like the breed. I could get one from a breeder and talk to a few but it is very difficult to buy a dog online. Many breeders are far from other states in New York, often in rural areas. Because the waiting list is long, you have to save money and wait for the trash and puppy to arrive. In addition to viewing some of your student’s photos and videos, you will not find them in the first place. You can go visit the ranch but it is difficult if you do not have a car and are very far away. The alternative is to have your dog fly to you with a puppy.

I was looking at breeding for a while and then one day I accidentally walked past a pet store in Manhattan and saw Luna in the window. I always read that you should not buy from a pet store because it supports dog breeding but I saw her and immediately fell in love with her. Unlike other Yppy Pomeranians in the store, Luna was calm, quiet, loving and popular. A woman came to me saying that she had found Luna and I knew I had to take her home immediately or she would go to someone else. I shed a few tears as they handed me a sticker to wear on their glasses saying, “I’m going home.”

He gave me a shopping list of everything I needed to buy a pet store. Check the plate. Check the box. Check out the toys. Pi Pads. Check it out. I read all I could about how to train and care for a puppy.

What he does not tell you does not always go as he says in the books. I have never raised a puppy before but I thought if I did everything in the literature it would all go to plan.

The fact is that Luna was incredibly small and clay pottery. Blogs and books say that puppies are usually trained for 6 months, but this is not the case. Corpse training is a recommended method for pot dogs, as dogs do not like to sleep in their own comfort zone. Not Luna. She was standing alone, loose in her box, and lying there until I came to clean it.

I was always tired because Luna wanted to cry in the middle of the night and then I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes I set alarms but I slept in them and woke up when she was sleeping with her fiancé, which was scary.

The veterinarian is advised to lie on the floor in the playground and try again when it is slightly larger. That worked better and I always thanked and treated her every time she went on a parade or outside. She found him for a while, but then she seemed to forget and began to walk to the floor again. She hates being in a playground, even playing games and even keeping her in the workplace, and she breeds and grows bar bars. If I let her out for 15 minutes, she will be able to defecate somewhere in the house in milliseconds. Even when I looked, I did not know if she was sitting or defecating, and I was too late to catch her.

Merl Pomeran's puppy

I thought I had not been able to find her for many months, so I used the umbilical cord to turn her around and take her outside. It was not easy. I lived in an apartment building on foot and she was constantly drawing. They say that a dog can hold a bladder that is similar to the age of a month, but this is not true for her. At 6 months of age, she sniffed every hour (sometimes even 30 minutes) and did not have bladder infection. If I only looked at the house for a few seconds, she would tell me when I didn’t want to, even when she was with me. She wanted to get things done, so she hated being given to me, and she screamed.

So finally the diapers remained, I gave her some freedom and I took her out when I could. The nearest grass was 10 minutes away, which was frustrating because he liked to love grass and hated walking on concrete, which I think contributed to our problems. I tried a variety of “indoor pots” to see if she liked it, including those Hot patch And a False grass pot I did not help from Amazon. Sometimes she would walk on boards and sometimes I would still find ponds on the floor. I kept her in the same room with me and I followed her whenever I could but you can’t keep track of your dog every second when you have to work.

Like a feeling of failure

When I think about it, the main thing was not her bumps floating in the house – I could easily clean those. It was the pressure I put on myself and the pressure on other people. I go to the dog park and tell them about the struggles that other dog owners talk about “Really? I took my dog ​​out once and she realized she had been out since day 1! ” That obviously didn’t make me feel better.

When everyone tells you that dogs are usually trained at a certain age, they will be corrected for not being your dog. You are trying as hard as you can but your dog does not seem to get it, which makes you feel like a failure.

When she was in her teens, Luna began to show signs of wealth on the floor. If I try to take them, she will touch me and go to her mind. When I tried to pick her up, she was waiting for her treatment, even with her big bandages and her own bandages. Friends see me when she touches me and tell me that I have to be more strict with her, “Who to show her boss” and I have to shout at her. They would tell me stories about how well they did because their family dog ​​(usually a Labrador or big dog) and their mother / father acted as a team leader.

“But Luna is not a laboratory!” I’ll tell them. “She’s a Pomeranian!”

Romanian Flof

Small dogs are definitely different for larger dogs. They have small balloons. Romanians in particular can be bitten and stubborn. And of course, genetics plays a part. All the information I read was not about screaming or hitting any kind of dog, but about providing positive reinforcement training, giving treatments and compliments when the dog moved the way they wanted. Friends just told me “Things for a New Age” And “There is nothing wrong with the old school methods, it clearly worked”.

Another minor setback for Luna is that she often refuses to walk. She sits on the floor or sleeps. If I tried to attract her, she would not be able to walk because I thought she was cruel. She would spit on them as if I had given her treatments “I do not want your compassion to be healed!”. A friend would tell me that she was actually trying to get her to carry it, and later I realized that she was terrified of cars and noises.

Over time, I became critical of my dog ​​breeding skills and became increasingly frustrated with conflicting information. I was tired and tired of sleeping and reading so many dog ​​books. I had a dog that did not like to walk, refused to train a pot, and began to complain that if I tried to take something from her, it would hit me. Oh, and we had another problem adding it to the mix. Every time she greeted a stranger, she felt happy.

To be honest, I was thinking of adopting her or giving her to a friend. I loved sleeping so much that I felt I could not cope. It was even a matter of food – she was a very picky woman and if she liked the brand, she would go without food for days.

It will be better, trust me

Mere Pomeranian Party

I googled the “Puppy Depression” post and read online forums that said people would be better off and not give up. I didn’t believe them, but I believe they will improve. About a year later, Luna blossomed into the dog I always wanted.

I moved into an apartment building with a dog park and soon, she knew exactly where to go. Within 11 months, she stopped accidents and stood by the door whenever she wanted to go. Now “She’s a pretty double-edged sword”Mom, open the door for me to go! ” I thought it would never happen, and it took her a whole year to train her.

Luna meets me; I just had to learn her language. She may not speak English, but she screams at the faucet as she tries to fill it. I can tell she is scared or yawning. She likes to sleep on it and when I wake up in the morning. She knows how to sit, roll, and be high-five. And when I put it The bearer To get to her next adventure, she went right down to the ground. When she has something good in her, I can go to her now and even kiss her on the nose without trying to hit me. I made delicious meal times for her, and I began to add woods such as blueberries and cucumbers. I found her favorite raw meat dish so we stuck with it. Her refusal to eat foods was not because she was stubborn, she did not like them because they were simply unhealthy or good.

She’s so sweet and I don’t have to get up at 5 o’clock anymore. She can sleep happily until the weekend at 11 and if she wakes up early, she will be busy. I can do my job because she sleeps most of the day without playing together.

I love the dog I have now. She still has issues to deal with. Because of all the horrible noise, I still carry it often because I don’t like to walk on city streets. If she finds something on the ground, I have to “trade” with her and now I go to the coach to work on the issue of happiness. But overall, at the age of one, he clicked something. We met and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

So many people want to have a dog like a puppy, but really, I will never miss the puppies for years. If I find another dog, I want to accept an adult dog instead of going through that stage again.

If you feel depressed after finding a dog, know that it is true and you are not alone. Even though he does not feel that way now, he does. Puppies are terrorists and they get better as they get older, trust me. I don’t think you should keep a dog if you feel you can’t really cope for a year or so and if you are not tied to your dog and your mental health is compromised. But be sure to give it some time before you make any difficult decisions and you will eventually look back like any other puppy in your life.

As a last resort, it would be tempting not to do what I did and not to get a dog from a pet store. There are many adult dogs waiting for adoption. Or if you are planning to buy a puppy, go to the well-known breeder Miraba, taking into account health and nature.

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