May 9, 2021


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Praise the king of traffic jams Gareth Wild and his mind beating Covid | Rebecca Nicholson

‘You really are,’ said my best friend, reading the article Gareth Natural, who last week completed his parking work at a parking lot at the local supermarket in Sainbury in Bromley, southeast of London. I took it for granted – and for sure. Wild used satellite imagery to create several layers of color images and then a spreadsheet, and finally, on Tuesday, wrote that he stood in all the right 211 positions and completed his magnum opus.

“I enjoy the little things,” Wild told her Daily Mirror. Obviously, I’m not the only one who can explain. The past 13 months or so has been a blank slate for fun in places where it would not otherwise have been, or should not have been. This is why banana breads and sourdough bakers became popular and became popular punches. That’s why the local Hobbycraft is still on the line against the hot springs of Ibiza, though it has to be said, with a very well-connected queen and many painters.

Last April, a month much warmer than the winter solstice this year, we stayed in our London home, not knowing if it was safe to stay outside or whether it was illegal to sit on the bench. I think it was about the same time as the vans that began to roam the city’s parks, telling people through loudspeakers that if they did not go to the gym, they should go home.

We had no garden, so Club Tropicana was born. Two camp chairs, stretched out and placed in front of an open window. A package of crisps, torn and left on the window to share and a lot of cold beer brought to the tray, while the evening sun was very bright in the glass.

We played Wham! and we pretended to be in a bar. I agree with this because it was just a fantasy, but it helped. There was fun and sunshine, enough for everyone. Sometimes I think of this as a high sweet spot. I know, deep down, that it was low, too.

You might think that if Gareth Wild won the Parking Olympics it would have been possible only at a time when the plague had reduced the life of a snail for so many of us, but no: surprisingly, it is said that the plague meant it took him a long time. He had thought that he could do this in four years. In the end, they need six. It can be “small, small”, but sometimes, giving back is a beautiful thing.

Can Orson Welles be saved by a bear?

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane.
Orson Welles in Citizen Kane. Photo: Allstar / RKO

It was a bad week for Orson Welles, though I doubt he cared too much, after the magnum opus, Citizen Kane, lost his place as a well-documented video on the cover of Rotten Tomatoes. For 80 years, Citizen Kane is known to be one of the best movies ever made and, as a result, had 100% “new” content on the site. But do not believe the bear in a duffel-clad bear, because, because of the combination of marmalade and archeological power, Citizen Kane lost 100% new, down to 99% new and left the existing masterpiece Paddington 2.

This change occurred when the researchers found the file of 1941 review yes Citizen Kane published in Chicago Tribune critic writer, Mae Tinee, who did not impress most. “His dedication to simplicity deprives him of dignity and fun,” Tinee wrote, not realizing how this could affect the mass of the film many years later.

I love the controversial comments and there is no list I can cut faster than the “one old star” type. The famous Mary McCarthy he rested The Story of the Servant in New York Times in 1986 because of its weaknesses and lack of ideas, but I also like Amazon’s “easy, boring” review to the left of the long “classic” page. This is a good thing and it is not always wrong. Spending 80 years together is the best time to win Citizen Kane and, let’s be true of this, Paddington 2 they are worth it. Have you seen the Hugh Grant dances?

Nigella Lawson, Cook, Eat, Reward

Nigella Lawson
Microwave Queen: Nigella Lawson. Photo: David Vintiner / The Guardian

As elected on TV ‘Baftas’ Must-See Minutes The prize, as a voter, captures the interest of the British people, so I wonder if the British people would consider 111 songs. It’s a very different choice, but I think it seems like the right picture of what has been a very different year.

Varieties are selected because of their black-and-white dance routine Britain’s Got Talent, although there were funny-to-Ofcom complaints around there. There’s a flurry of blockbuster images on photos from Bridgerton and Destroyer, whereas your British meat and potatoes are all available and are accurate because of EastEnders and Electric box.

But, wisely, Nigella Lawson was re-elected. Not because of a surprise plot or at the height of a long story explosion, but because of a joke he described as a “microwave” like “meecro-wah-vey”Pa Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat. I believe it will win Bafta, not only by looking at what he writes on the prize, but also proving that in the memes culture, sometimes, one good camp can be successful as a show with a multi-million dollar budget.

Rebecca Nicholson is an Observer reporter