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President Joe Biden announces $10 billion community revitalization


On the heels of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre in the Greenwood neighborhood, where more than 1,100 black homes and businesses were lost, and hundreds of black lives lost, many are still demanding justice that was once Known as ‘Black’. wall Street.’ President Joe Biden was in attendance yesterday and spoke to residents condemning the actions of those responsible for the massacre, saying “literally hell was unleashed” on the community.

President Biden acknowledged that the hate and domestic terrorism that happened 100 years ago, unfortunately, still exists today. Still, he plans to make significant changes to tackle the nation’s racial inequality. His administration has dealt with many things and will now enforce opportunities for small businesses, racial discrimination in housing and voting rights CNN.

President Biden announced that he would use federal purchasing power to contribute to federal contracts for small, disadvantaged businesses. The emphasis will be on minority ownership, according to The White House, granting them 10% to 15%, which would translate to an additional $100 billion over five years. In addition, the fund will target economically underdeveloped and underdeveloped communities.

Affected communities with the fund can look forward to money going toward optimizing vacant buildings and storefronts to provide affordable space for community services and community entrepreneurs. These services will include health centres, arts and cultural sectors. Other proposed services will also include job training programs, business incubators and community marketplaces. The environment will also flourish by getting rid of toxic waste and creating new parks and community gardens.

vice president Kamala Harris Will lead suffrage efforts. It is part of the administration’s ongoing work to address efforts to pass restrictive voting laws in Republican-led state legislatures.

Alright, President Biden, we see you!

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