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Prince Andrew, who accepted the request in the UK sexual abuse case –

The Supreme Court has granted the Duke of York’s request to formally contact Prince Andrew regarding a civil lawsuit brought against him in the United States, accusing the Duke of sexual abuse.

Prince Andrew will be presented with documents related to his sexual harassment case after lawyers for alleged former sex slave Virginia Giuffre asked her to file a lawsuit in the UK Supreme Court. Duke of York his lawsuit.

The decision means lawyers representing Virginia Giuffre must finally be able to present legal documents to the royal after they claimed they were unable to do so because Andrew was staying at the Queen’s home. Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Andrew has vehemently denied all allegations against him thus far.

The first pre-trial hearing was held in New York on Monday when the Duke’s attorney, Andrew B Brettler, said his legal team had “significant concerns” about the sexual abuse case.

The lawyer stated that Ms Giuffre had previously signed a “settlement agreement” that would nullify her case.

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However, despite Andrew being represented in court, his team claimed that he had not been formally served the civil suit – the civil suit known around the world as the notification of the proceedings.

Under The Hague Service AgreementGiuffre’s legal team asked if there was an agreement between different countries governing proof requests in civil or business matters. Supreme Court To formally present his civil case to Andrew in London.

Mrs Giuffre is suing the Queen’s son for allegedly sexually harassing her as a teenager. He is seeking unspecified compensation for damages, but there are speculations that the total could be in the millions of dollars if his claim is successful.

Ms Giuffre claims she was kidnapped by Epstein when she was a minor under US law to have sex with the Duke of York, although the royal denies this.

She claims that Andrew was abducted by his old close friend and was convicted of sex trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein For having sex with the Duke of York, who is 17 and a minor under US law, despite the royal denial of her allegations.

After emphasizing an issue with her earlier case application, the Supreme Court later said: “Lawyers acting on Ms Giuffre’s behalf have now provided the Supreme Court with more information and the Supreme Court has accepted her request for services under the Hague Service Agreement.

“The legal process has not yet been served, but the Supreme Court will now take steps to provide services under the contract unless the notice is arranged by agreement between the parties.”

The question of whether Andrew was properly served was a key issue at the pre-trial hearing in the southern US district court. borough of New York.

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Mr Brettler added that at the hearing via phone conference, Prince Andrew’s team had challenged the “validity of the service to date” and that he had yet to be properly notified under either UK or international law.

David BoyesMs Giuffre, representing Ms Giuffre, said the formal complaint was “delivered to the defendant’s last known address”, adding that the documents were also sent “by”. Royal Mail“.

He had previously said that Andrew “cannot hide behind wealth and palace walls” and must respond to the allegations.

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