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Prince has really lost it big time


Harry now has a frustrating outlook on life, please shut up!

We don’t need to be told how to live by a 40-year-old man-child! The Daily Star The Dusk of Sussex or Just Harry has now called the world ‘depressing’ and he is blaming everyone for it to make him even sicker. Ummm … OK, Mr. Privilege Prince who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. No matter what you say. What makes his comments so stupid and growing is how he realizes that he is a person who is also traveling the world. He was not free of Scots because he was born rich.

Harry and Meghan do not come from a separate planet where they do not have to work to protect our planet. If anything, they should be seen as a prime example of William’s work with Sir David Attenborough. At least they’re trying to do something instead of talking about how Sussex will do it. Also, the Duke of Sussex forgot that he and his wife took a private jet with huge amounts of carbon footprint to visit Italy and the rich friends of Ibiza. Oh … wait, Merkel wasn’t supposed to be under house arrest because she was probably ‘too saturated’? Please please can they get their stories live before they promote their stories?

Also, of course the course was much worse then! We have been fighting the epidemic for almost two years! Harry should be thankful that his family didn’t get the virus at all! How ungrateful is this man? Everything is handed over to him because he has a title and meaning that is practically in the pockets.

If he really cared about the world, he would stop complaining and trying to blackmail his family.

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