Prince William says billionaires need to focus on “trying to repair this planet”, not going into space

Prince William is not impressed by the billionaires’ new space race, and points out that they should use their money and brain power to fix the planet instead of escaping it.

A Thursday, shortly thereafter William Shatner flies to the edge of space and Bord Jeff Bezos‘s Blue Origins rocket, the BBC published an interview with Royal in which he emphasized the importance of concentrating some of the ingenious entrepreneurial spirit vis-à-vis the terrestrial disaster, that is climate change. “We need to fix some of the world’s greatest minds and minds in trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live,” said the Duke of Cambridge. “I think that’s ultimately what it’s selling me – it’s really quite crucial to focus on it. [planet] instead of giving up and going into space to try to think of solutions for the future. “

Of course, Bezos is not the only multi-billionaire who throws his obsessive wealth into launching civilians into the stratosphere, Sir Richard Branson in the Elon Musk have also recently turned their attention to the sky in hopes of benefiting from the amazing space tourism industry. But do not expect Prince William to join at any time as the Royal insists he has “absolutely no interest” in going into space, adding that there is a “fundamental question” about the carbon costs of these flights.

He also pointed out that this lack of concern for the future is a blow to young generations who have experienced “an increase in climate fear” because their “future is fundamentally threatened all the time. very nervous and it’s very, you know, scary. William explained that he was trying to remember his own experiences as a child and “how much it means to be outside and what we’re touching future generations.” The Royal also said his Dad appreciated, Prince Charles, to develop this ecologically conscious perspective in him, to say “It was a hard road” for the future King to convince the public to take the threat of global warming seriously. William explains that the Prince of Wales “talked a lot more about climate change, very early on, before anyone thought it was an issue.” And while he is grateful for his father’s progressive legacy, he added, “It would be an absolute disaster if [Prince] George is sitting here talking ”about saving the planet in 30 years.

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