Priti Patel accuses Scotland of ‘not bearing weight’ in refugee crisis

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The Minister of the Interior accused Scotland Not doing enough to assist asylum seekers during a heated debate in the House of Commons.

Priti Patel said Scottish councils and the Scottish Government were “not pulling their weight” and accused Nicola Sturgeon’s ministers for “not lifting a finger” to help.

He was being questioned by SNP MP Stuart McDonald when he launched the attack about his use of hotels and barracks-style accommodation for those seeking refuge in England.

Mr McDonald asked why the Home Office was “still placing large numbers of asylum seekers in ineligible hotels, in ineligible locations without notifying relevant local authorities” and said there should be a return to “community dispersal of asylum seekers across the country”. .

“We need to get rid of this ridiculous and dangerous notion that hotels are a kind of luxury for asylum seekers, whereas for many it’s the opposite. The Home Secretary knows that increased hotel use is seeing deaths in the shelters increase in the system.”

Ms Patel said that “the councils, especially in Scotland, were not playing their part and were actually helping to organize the dispersal”.

He said the Member of Parliament for Cumbernauld should be “ashamed” of him, adding: “The Scottish Government has done absolutely nothing to move a finger in de facto support of the distributive regulation policy.”

He later said that only one of the country’s 32 local authorities – Glasgow – participated in the dispersal accommodation scheme for asylum seekers, adding: how do we address the wider issue…

Absolutely correct and working with the former Department of Communities and Local Governments at the Home Office is doing everything possible to provide financial support and assistance to local governments, but some councils around the country still say no.”

Mr McDonald said the Home Secretary’s response was “the most outrageous one ever given” and asked him to confirm that if any “warehouse-style” accommodation is to be made to accommodate asylum seekers, councils will at least be informed or consulted in advance. . Ms. Patel did not specifically address the issue.

It comes as the UK faces an immigration crisis where thousands of migrants risk their lives. trip To reach the country by crossing the English Channel with small boats every week.

Tensions were reported at the Home Office over how to resolve the issue, with officers calling Ms Patel “stupid” in a newspaper yesterday.

It also appears that he was disappointed with the lack of progress and blamed senior government officials in his department.

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