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Proof of Union Could Override Amazon’s Vote


U.S. Labor Board warns evidence submitted by a trade union after the historic Amazon Alabama warehouse vote could see it returned the vote

Amazon’s long vote about whether to form a union at a fulfillment center in Alabama, may not be over.

Earlier this month, Amazon is a round loser a high -profile effort unionization of a warehouse in Alabama, following a month -long campaign against unionization.

Workers at the Bessemer, Alabama facility voted 1,798 to 738 against the project, according to U.S. labor officials.

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Bessemer vote

The vote is considered a test of whether it might be possible to organize workers at Amazon, the second-largest U.S. employer, which has remained unionless in the country to date.

Union officials hope workers may be open to the idea after the pandemic that drew worldwide attention to working conditions on the Amazon.

Approximately 5,800 workers at the bessemer warehouse, known as BHM1, are eligible to vote to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.

In December staff at the Amazon fullfilment center in Bessemer (Alabama) were asked if they should union and joined the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

The organizing committee conducted a social media campaign, distributed union consent cards and collected enough to hold the election.

Amazon had appeal against a decision of a Labor Board (NLRB) official who officially authorized 5,800 employees at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, to begin casting ballots by mail represented by RWDSU.

The issue quickly became political, after the vote supported by United States President Joe Biden, as well as prominent Democrats including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as well as Stacey Abrams.

But ultimately, workers at the Bessemer, Alabama facility voted 1,798 to 738 against the project.

Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Vote overturn?

But that is not the end of the matter.

On Wednesday Quoted by Reuters the National Labor Relations Board said evidence submitted by a retail union on Amazon’s alleged conduct in the Alabama union election “could be the basis for overturning the vote.”

The NLRB will hold a hearing on May 7 to consider objections filed by the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

“Evidence submitted by the union in support of its objections could be the basis for overturning the election if introduced at a hearing,” the labor board said.

RWDSU reportedly submitted nearly two dozen objections to Amazon’s conduct during the election, which it said prevented staff from an “independent and unconstrained exercise of choice”.

RWDSU alleged that it was illegal for Amazon agents to threaten employees with closing the warehouse if they joined the union and the company emailed a warning it would cut off 75 percent of the proposed bargaining unit because of the union.

Amazon has denied the allegations.

Union opposition

However it’s no secret that Amazon is not a fan of the vote.

Amazon is second largest private employer in the United States (with 800,000 U.S. employees), behind Walmart, but reportedly launched an anti-union website targeted at workers at its warehouse in Alabama, emphasizing union payers to try prevent workers from unionizing.

Amazon also trained managers to detect repair activity.

In September 2020 the Amazon went on its own into hot water two job adverts for “intelligence analysts”, which is responsible for reporting on activities that “include threats to organizing labor against the company.”

However, Amazon said the ads were bad word and removed the ads, but confidence was added to the suspicion that it was getting people to spy on trade unions as job listings cited past experience. desired for the role, which said “an official in the intelligence community, the military, law enforcement, or a related worldwide security role in the private sector.”

To be fair, in October 2020 Amazon said it would respect the rights of workers to join a trade union, after media reports suggested it planned to monitor union activity with its workers.

Amazon also experienced union disruption in France and Germany.

In February 2019, Amazon has canceled plans to build one of its second headquarters in New York, after the e-commerce giant encountered unexpected local opposition to its plans, slightly down to its rival union.

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