May 9, 2021


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Prostate cancer tests at home will be tested in the UK. What you need to know

Thousands of men you will receive a home-tested test kit adapted to the mailboxes to check for prostate cancer, which could help detect the disease years before other screening methods.

The simple urine test, called a “prostate screening box,” is designed to diagnose aggressive prostate cancer without men having to leave home.

Currently, it is difficult to know which types of prostate cancer can be left alone and which require urgent action. “It’s not a simple matter of predicting which tumors will become aggressive, making it difficult to decide on treatment for many men,” says Dr. Jeremy Clark, principal investigator at UEA’s Norwich Medical School.

But in a small pilot study, the new tests predicted which patients required treatment up to five years before standard clinical methods.

These tests are considered revolutionary because they could also mean that men would not have to go to clinics for blood tests or rectal exams in the future and instead could be examined from the comfort of their home.