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QB Trey Lance, ready for work in the 49ers Ruki Camp – KBS San Francisco


Santa Clara (AP) – Weekend Draft When he was elected third in San Francisco He started wearing the 49ers jersey for the first time in the history of Trey Lance.

Now, having played just one game last season, he started his career at FCS in his 17th year in North Dakota, learning a new offense and moving to the NFL.

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“I think it’s more than I can say,” Lance said of his first practice at the Rome Minimize amp on Friday. Now it’s work. On the day of the draft and the draft and everything like that, maybe the next day it’s cold. It is my job now, and I am very happy to be in it. ”

The three most basic steps this weekend in the three-day rookie Menelik are just a few, with only eight rookie picks, several unreleased free agents, five test players and a few returning players in hand.

In those practices, Lance completed 20 of 24 passes and looked like comfortable running exercises and 7 to 7 sessions, most of which were short races. His best passport was receiver Marcise Lynn, who played 59 professional games in the NFL, for the middle of the traffic.

Lance was also once rejected by Democrat Lornore in the fifth round.

“For the past seven, eight months, I have been waiting for a new playbook,” says Lance. “It was so exciting to finally be able to enter it.”

Lans only played one game last season, as he moved to the spring in North Dakota State due to a cholera outbreak.

But he showed great strength and mobility in 2019 to give him high hopes, and Niners sold two future first-round picks to move out of No. 12 and put him at No. 3 in the draft.

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For 2019, the Lansu production was out of the charts as it ran 276 yards, 28 TDs and 1,159 yards without throwing any interference. During a game in North Dakota, in central Arkansas, Lancee’s only college break last season was to give the NFL teams more exposure.

Lance comes as a replacement behind Jimmy Garopolo, who has already won the annual ACS Player of the Year award, along with the winner of the Walter Python Award in the Bay Area.

But Niners believes he could be the fear of franchise on the road, and his experience of running a pro-style run in college will help that transition.

“I have a lot to learn,” Lance said. “But I also have great people around me, great coaches and obviously good people in the quarterfinals. So I look forward to learning from them as much as I can. I think the damage we have done has been of great help to the people of North Dakota and to my coaching staff.

Nothing he did in college prepared him for a particular aspect of life in the Gulf. When coach Kyle Shanhana started looking for a place to live, they prepared him for the shock of the next weekend.

Lance must have the capacity to sign the contract, which is a $ 34.1 million signing fee over $ 4.1 million over four years.

“I really appreciated the warning,” says Lance. “I knew it was going to be crazy, but it really helped me a little. I was thrilled to get to know the area better. ”

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