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QPR boss Mark Warbert hints at Charlie Austin


Alone: ​​The Rs want to build on their ninth place in the Champions League last season and want to complete their transfer earlier.

Queens Park Rangers manager Mark Warberton shines a light on two players who are always on the move.

RSS completed ninth grade Champion Last word. That represents their highest point in six years – Warburton is interested in building on the next word.

To this end, it is looking to get the job done relatively quickly in the transfer market.

Speaking The mirror , Said in early June that it was looking for “two or three” signatures. He also spoke openly about the two players who regularly meet with those moving to the Kian Prince Foundation Stadium.

Mark Warbert has led QPR to the top of the table in six years

Charlie Austin has just been released by West Bromwich Albion and was loaned out to Rangers in the second half of last season.

There are constant speculations over the club’s third potential, often to the KPR. Another transfer target is Alex Pritchard.

He is a free agent after his release Huddersfield And his relationship with Worberton goes hand in hand with Brentford.

In response to a recent transfer request, Warberton said: “There is a lot of work going on, we have two or three more.

“They like to run your business early but sometimes you have to pay a little extra to make that happen. I think we’re getting very, very close. I think those will be in the next two or three weeks.”

Charlie Austin has a great history at the club. He came to us in January and scored eight goals.

He was a big inspiration in the dressing room and played at the highest level. He has such a relationship with the club. He was immediately respected.

He was a great professor, a great man.

I really know a lot about Alex Perthard. He is a very good player. I see him every time I meet him.

“But remember we have people like Elijah chairman, Chris Willow and George Thomas – so we already have that kind of player in the building.

I have a lot of respect for Alex. He’s a great kid and a great player but I mean we already have players there.

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