May 9, 2021


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Queen and Carter’s One Night Stand could end horribly for them!

Quinn and Carter’s One Night Stand is going to create problems for them …

Queen should have known better when she entered her one-night stand with Carter. He knew Joe wanted to bring his man back but it was nothing. The only thing she needs to understand when following Shauna Ridge is that it’s going to hurt Eric. Now, she has disguised herself by having sex with the man the husband sees another boy. We said theoretical about it a week or two ago and then it happened during last week’s finale.

Despite their continued efforts, it is Joey’s writing that brings Quinn back to reality; He slept with another man. Carter can then realize that he had sex with his boss’s wife. It’s getting too bad. Eric has always looked at him like a boy so if this one night is over, it’s going to blow in their face… big time.

For Quinn it would mean a divorce while for Carter it would mean being fired from Forrester as his COO and family as a whole. Determining how Ridge will react to this is complicated, although Eric will not be thrilled. He is already unable to trust his wife and this in itself is a double betrayal. However, it will force Brooke to go “I told you Queen is not good for this family”.

As much as we expect jewelry designer Karb to kick off, Eric should make that decision.

There is no rock and hard place

Quinn had been deprived of affection ever since Eric allowed her to return home. Although he forgave her somewhat, he refused to touch her. Now, she deserves to be thrown out because she believes she is better than the other woman her husband was with. How he would feel with Stephanie is a completely different ballgame.

We talked a while ago about how Queen is trying to be the new Stephanie. However, he will not live up to his reputation. Never. Also, the portrait of Queen is not worthy of hanging where True Forrester once did the painting of motherhood. Brooke was given the post just before Stephanie died.

Quinn has no special respect for Logan, especially Brooke, whom she called “isolated from the valley,” a million times like Stephanie. He believes that he is better than she is when he is not in reality.

Let’s not forget all the horrible deeds of Queen. She pushed Ivy off a bridge, tripping Hope off a flight of stairs while she was pregnant with White’s child. There was also something about a diamond being stolen and some boys being murdered. How it relates to Eric’s wife is shaking our brains because we weren’t watching the show then.

Having a one night stand is something that seems to happen a lot on the show! See what Liam and Steffi did a while ago. After all, Brooke has all the time sleeping around and getting pregnant. So, pairing Quinn with Carter is actually brilliant if you think logically for it.

There is no way to jarter or curry

Officially, we can officially drop Jarter and Kurik Brave and beautiful Social media pages have come up with a new couple’s name; Quarter take it? It never thought that way, but it worked. So, we need to note that Joey never wanted to get his engagement back on track when he found out about Carter sleeping with Quinn.

Carter sternly said there was a way for his jolt with Quinn to meet Joey, there was no doubt in them that they were screaming and screaming. He’s not usually a revenge guy, but we can see that happen. Although we don’t think he’s going to make sense of it even though his ex-fianc ভাব thinks he does.

As for Eric, he’s going to hit the roof which will give him reason not to trust Quinn. Will he forgive her for her one night stand? Probably not.