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What did Meghan’s email say?

In August, Duchess Knauf wrote an e-mail that read: “You know how personally frustrating I find the ‘stylist’ narrative (because it’s the only thing I seem to still have control over – my personal styling). .

“But because we are asked to cooperate with this obviously authoritative biography, which I have to share, I will not be comfortable doing so if this person is considered an authority and tweets below.

“Can we set a time to chat? I think he needs to be notified back ASAP if there is a conversation about working with them going forward.

“He is quoted in the city and country and several others to say [redacted] styled me which is obviously not true … “

And when Meghan sent a briefing note to Knauf to become the Finding Freedom author, she reiterated the fact that she had no stylist.

In her notes, written in the third person, the last line read simply: “Even Meghan does not work with a stylist; [redacted] is her good friend. “

This comes after Meghan told Oprah Winfrey during her bombshell interview in March that she felt trapped with the royal family.