May 9, 2021


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Quinin Williams walked away eight to ten weeks with a broken foot

Quinin Williams is expected to be discharged eight to ten weeks after a small bone in his foot fractured that would likely require Gates to undergo surgery.

According to Tom Bellisero of NFL Network And Mike Jaravolo, Williams will likely miss the OTAs and junior camp, but on the current schedule, he should be ready to go to boot camp, which starts July 28.

Williams was named third-pick by Jets in the 2019 draft, and in two seasons, he has already proven himself a natural disruptor and playmaker in defense. Last season, the defensive tackle contained seven bags in 13 games and cemented itself as one of the mainstays of an underwhelming defense.

New coach Robert Saleh, who was defense coordinator for Team 49 before heading to New York, recently spoke of his enthusiasm to work with the 23-year-old this next season.

“I absolutely love Quinin.” Saleh said. “Really excited to get the seat belt off his belt and let him go. In this scheme, to get him to move vertically, to move all this block in the direction he needs to go, I’m really excited about the potential he’s getting.”