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Quinn Meinerz, Denver Broncos’ pick in the third round, shows his famous courage in a small camp


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Quinn Meinerz gives us all a belly laugh – literally

You may or may not be aware of Quinn Meinerz’s third-round Denver Broncos selection draft. If not, then you have to be. Miners, who was on Attack Airlines in Division III of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, fired drawing boards during the initial draft process. He dominated his physical play style against third-division competition, but he was in Reese’s Senior Bowl as he helped his cause.

Meinerz appeared in good condition, and against a defensive man from Power 5 Schools, he was placed in a clinic. Take a look at the video below in which Meinerz is shown completely destroying Patrick Jones II outside the University of Pittsburgh. Jones went in the third round to the Minnesota Vikings.

Also worth noting in this passage – the gut.

Meinerz said during Interview in Senior Ball. “My title in high school was The Gut. My title was in Whitewater The Gut. It was hot and humid (that week), and I always say I like to let my stomach breathe.”

Meinerz didn’t have a big season due to the NCAA not allowing DIII football programs to play due to COVID-19. No players were drafted from the WIAC conference, which UW-Whitewater called home, since 2007. The last attacking streak man to do so was Pete Lucas of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 30 years ago.

However, Meinerz proved it belonged during his Senior Bowl Week at Mobile, Ala.

Meinerz said in an interview, “Yes, it’s very impossible when you sign up to go on to D-III.” The Sportsman in April. “It made it more difficult not having a season (in 2020). The place where I am now is very extreme.”

It turned out not impossible. Meinerz, with his physical dominance during Senior Bowl Week and his ridiculously good exam numbers on Pro Day, did what was required not only to secure recruitment, but to gain early conscription.

According to the PFF, Meinerz tested at 100 percent in a 40-yard dash (4.86 seconds), 92 percent in three cones (7.33 seconds), 90 percent in shuttle run (4.47 seconds), wide jump (111 in), The 10-yard (1.73 seconds), 89th percentile split into the vertical jump (32 inches).

Today, at the junior junior campground in the Denver Broncos, The Gut is once again taking center stage.

It’s so much more than a character and a crop crest – the Broncos and their fans hope Meinerz will become the announcer in their offensive line, protecting … whatever their long-term response in the middle.


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