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Radhe releases and crashes Zee5 servers


Every year, Salman Khan fans wait for Eid not because of the festivity but because of the big Eid launches. Also in 2021, Salman Khan Film Company introduced time Salman and Disha Fatani starring. Millions across the country have been waiting with anticipation for weeks for this movie which was scheduled to be released exclusively on OTT ZEE5 and ZEEPlex.

Radhe releases and crashes Zee5 servers

However, everyone’s excitement faded once the movie was released today, May 13, 2021. A total of 1.25 million accounts were logged in at 12 PM for Radhe’s premiere and the numbers only kept increasing. It was over 3 million at 3pm which ultimately led to ZEE5 servers crashing!

Social media has gone rampant as all the excitement has faded, much to the ire of fans. If millions were using Zee5, the vast majority of them took to Twitter to talk about the crash, and tagged the official handles of ZEE5 and ZEE5 Premium as well. In fact, the official handle was quick to make a comeback as well, indicating that they would soon be back, given no time.

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ZEE5 has put out a special offer only for Radhe, which allows you to get an annual subscription package on ZEE5 Premium for just 499 rupees. Users ran into issues with their packages not activating and ZEE5 also requested to rent 249 rupees to watch the movie on their platform. This is a developing story. For more updates, stay tuned ReadScoops.com

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