Randy Moss is worried about Aaron Rodgers’ weapon

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It takes one to know one.

When it comes to offensive guns, you will be hard pressed to find many in NFL history more impressive than Randy Moss. The man changed the NFL, as few offensive players have ever done. But when the ultimate weapon comes to mind Aaron Rodgers’ weapon, he apparently still doesn’t see enough around number 12 to feel comfortable with Green Bay’s prospects.

“I’m very worried. And why? What have I talked about the last two years for the Green Bay Packers? Being able to provide Aaron Rodgers with some help with the attack … one he trusts. We know, “He trusts Davante Adams. Yes. Does he trust Aaron Jones? Yes. But look at the statistics between the goals.” Moss said, referring to a graphic that listed goals for Packers receivers this season, Davante Adams has 107, with Aaron Jones 60 behind with 47. The next closest is Randall Cobb with 34.

“Look at the difference between Davante Adams and Randall Cobb.” Moss continued. “So you’re talking about confidence in this offense. And the defense will only take you that far. In the NFC, you have defenses that can stop you. What did we say a few weeks ago? Offenses needed to score. We put Dallas up there. , we put Tampa up there, we put Arizona up there. For me, they need to find someone else to trust. I thought Randall Cobb was the one, but as you can see from the receptions, I’m not too strong right now at Green Bay Packers. .

Set aside that Randy Moss played for the hated Vikings, and that the NFL media for a year now has been trying to tear down the cohesive and resilient Packers, and there may just be a truth here. But he is missing some important reservations.

The reality is that we only have this conversation about guns because of health. The damage to Robert Tonyan was far greater than many had expected, and it has put Green Bay in an extremely vulnerable spot. If one of our two big offensive stars gets injured, as has happened with Aaron Jones, the Packers are once again in danger of being the team they have been for years. A superstar quarterback with not quite enough weapons to get it done.

Does that mean we have to guess Odell Beckham Jr.’s attempt? Absolutely not. My money is on him being a bust with the Rams. To Moss’ point, I think someone should simply step up to the plate and be an extra person that Rodgers can trust.

And speaking of health, the obvious person is MVS.

MVS had four catches on 123 yards and a touchdown and was often targeted on Sunday. Maybe the deep connection late in the fourth quarter will finally bring him and Rodgers on the same page. MVS ‘stay at IR took up most of his season, and when he returned in Week 9, he returned to Jordan Love. With Rodgers back from covid, it was expected we would see some rust. This weekend may be when things really start to click for the two.

Aaron Jones trained on Thursday, but if he’s out again this week, it’s a perfect opportunity to build the confidence that Moss talked about and prepare for the stretch with a reliable number two who can play great games in big moments . The Packers absolutely need it. And if they do not understand, we’ll probably see another version of the same story this postseason.

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